What if your Albanian marriage is legal in UK how do you dissolve the marriage in the UK?

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Assuming that both parties, or at least the Petitioner (the person seeking the divorce) is resident in England and Wales then the English court has jurisdiction.

I'm assuming that you are the petitioner and live in England and Wales. You may be entitiled to public funding (legal aid), depending on your financial circumstances. You should therefore first of all find out by going to the Legal Services commission website. Go to the eligibility calculator, answer the questions and you will then know whether you are eligible. If so then you may as well get a solicitor to sort your divorce out for you as the costs may be nil, or at least much less than paying privately. You can find a specialist divorce lawyer on www.resolution.org.uk to which all good divorce lawyers belong.

If the spouse is resident in Albania, the court still has jurisdiction and the only difference is that it may take a bit longer, but not too much.

If you aren't eligible for public funding and can't afford a solicitor you can issue the divoce petition alone. You can download the forms from the court service website (you will also need a statement of arrangements for children form if there are children).

Alternatively you can visit the court office and they will give you all the necessary forms free of charge. You then lodge the petition form, marriage certificate, children's statement i (if applicable) and a fee of £300. The court will give you a leaflet explaining the rest of the procedure.
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Is your marriage legal if you did not mail in the marriage certificate?

Answer . \nDepending on your state of residence or where you got married at their laws are different on the validation of a legal marriage. Your marriage is legal the day you are married before a judge or justice of the peace or pastor. Wherever you're from find out what those statutes are to get (MORE)

Is a marriage legal if a marriage certificate is not issued?

Answer . \nThat would depend upon the laws of the state in which the union occurred.\n. \nHowever, state laws require that the person who can perform legal marriages must issue a certificate of marriage to the couple after the ceremony has been performed.\n. \nA copy of the certificate is then (MORE)

How do you become a US citizen through marriage if you live in the UK?

In order to obtain US citizenship, you must marry a US citizen in the first place. Your fiance must file a "fiance visa" which will award you temporary status in the US. You must then apply for permanent residency via the I-485 application (greencard.) Then, you must wait an indefinite number of yea (MORE)

You are still married but married a man in an Islamic ceremony outside of your normal residence of the UK is this Islamic marriage legal?

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. . Answer . As long as the first husband has not passed away, divorced his wife or in any way has annulled the marriage (i.e. through the courts or a Shariah council…), it will not be permissible for a woman to marry another man, ev (MORE)

Does the UK recognize US marriages?

Yes. The only restriction is that US same-sex marriages arerecognized as civil partnerships in Scotland and Northern Ireland,not as marriages.

What is the average length of a marriage in the UK?

Impossible to answer ! There is no way for the general public toknow how long someone's marriage lasts - except for the Register ofbirths, deaths and marriages. One person could not go though thewhole marriage section and glean the information quickly. From the ONS in the UK - For those married in 1 (MORE)

What are the ways to dissolve a marriage?

Once a couple has been married, the only way to dissolve the union is through a divorce or an annulment. In the event of a divorce, both spouses are entitled to an equitable property division and child support as well as the possibility of alimony. To ensure a specific division of property is follow (MORE)

Average age of marriage in UK?

The average age of marriage for men in the United Kingdom is 30.8years of age. For women in that nation, the average age is 28.9years old.

Is a marriage in Pakistan recognized in the UK?

Yes, if you have any legal documents as proof of registration of marriage in pakistan. If the marriage is solemnized and registered under law and rules applicable then it will be recognized in the UK as well. In general the UK recognizes marriages as valid if they were legal where entered into. (MORE)

If you lie on your marriage license is it a legal marriage?

It will depend on what the lie was about. If the truth would have resulted in no license being issued, it would not be a legal marriage. If it is something such as the wrong age, but still old enough to get married, it probably would not be considered to nullify the marriage, but it could be used (MORE)

What was the attitudes towards pureness and sex before marriage in 1890 UK?

On the outside, chastity was a virtue. Amongst the social elite ones honour was destroyed in the 'scandalous' event of having a child out of wedlock or loss of virginity before marriage. However, behind closed doors, and more openly in the lower classes, you could expect that the sexual lifestyles f (MORE)

Is marriage in Pakistan legal in the UK?

yes you can,,your answer is here ,mate... http://ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/partnersandfamilies/forcedmarriage/ Yes..!! If the marriage is legally done and registered in Pakistan then it would be considered legal in UK. In Pakistan a man is allowed to keep 4 marriages at a time but such marriages will (MORE)

I am British and am marrying a Pakistani man in Pakistan but want to know will are marriage be legal in the UK or not?

Regardless of where you get married in the world, the law of getting married is the same. People travel all over the world to get married, they do not have to register in their home country.. For example, a couple (GF&BF) travels to Jamica to get married (Man from Pakistan; Woman: UK) or regardless (MORE)

If marriage license expired is marriage legal?

A marriage license is required to have a valid marriage and is usually the first step in getting married is for the couple to apply for a license at the clerk/recorder for their county. This can be done live or online. Then the couple must appear at the clerk's office to pick up the license, or if t (MORE)

Can a UK court dissolve a foreign same-sex marriage?

Yes. A foreign same-sex marriage is legally recognized as a civil partnership in the United Kingdom. Beginning on March 29, 2014, it will be recognized as a full-fledged marriage in England and Wales. You can apply for dissolution of your overseas relationship in a UK court and the procedure will be (MORE)

What are the laws pertaining to same-sex marriage and citizenship in the UK?

Same-sex marriage will be legal in England and Wales on March 29, 2014. In the meantime, same-sex couples may form civil partnerships. Under UK law, foreign same-sex marriages, as well as virtually all foreign same-sex civil partnerships, same-sex civil unions (and same-sex domestic partnerships for (MORE)

What to do when your marriage is not legal?

You must get married legally as soon as possible if you want to be married. . To expand on this a little bit, the law only recognizes marriages performed by someone with a license. If you perform the marriage ceremony, say, with a priest from another country who doesn't yet have his license, y (MORE)

Can you get annulment of your marriage in the Philippines even though you are married in the UK to a British man?

Although I am, admittedly, not familiar with Philippine Law, Divorce and Annulment are two entirely different legal processes. You probably can file for a divorce, but seriously doubt that you could have the marriage actually annulled. If your husband is not in the PI but is resident in the UK, it i (MORE)

When was same-sex marriage legal in the UK?

Following assent from Queen Elizabeth II, same-sex marriage will be legal in England and Wales on March 29, 2014. Until then, same-sex couples may obtain the same rights and responsibilities as legal marriage by entering into a civil partnership. Scotland has enacted a same-sex marriage law and suc (MORE)

When was same-sex marriage made legal in the UK?

Following assent from Queen Elizabeth II, same-sex marriage will be legal in England and Wales on March 29, 2014. Until then, same-sex couples may obtain the same rights and responsibilities as legal marriage by entering into a civil partnership. A same-sex marriage law has been enacted in Scotlan (MORE)

When will same-sex marriage be legal in the UK?

It will be legal in England and Wales on March 29, 2014. Scotland is in process, with no definite date, and there are currently no plans as of 2013 to legalise same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

How do you dissolve a bigamist marriage?

A marriage to a bigamist is null and void since a person can only be legally married to one person at a time in the Western World. Once a person is legally married, any subsequent marriage is invalid unless the prior marriage was dissolved by a legal divorce decree. No legal marriage was created i (MORE)