What if your Albanian marriage is legal in UK how do you dissolve the marriage in the UK?

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Assuming that both parties, or at least the Petitioner (the person seeking the divorce) is resident in England and Wales then the English court has jurisdiction.

I'm assuming that you are the petitioner and live in England and Wales. You may be entitiled to public funding (legal aid), depending on your financial circumstances. You should therefore first of all find out by going to the Legal Services commission website. Go to the eligibility calculator, answer the questions and you will then know whether you are eligible. If so then you may as well get a solicitor to sort your divorce out for you as the costs may be nil, or at least much less than paying privately. You can find a specialist divorce lawyer on www.resolution.org.uk to which all good divorce lawyers belong.

If the spouse is resident in Albania, the court still has jurisdiction and the only difference is that it may take a bit longer, but not too much.

If you aren't eligible for public funding and can't afford a solicitor you can issue the divoce petition alone. You can download the forms from the court service website (you will also need a statement of arrangements for children form if there are children).

Alternatively you can visit the court office and they will give you all the necessary forms free of charge. You then lodge the petition form, marriage certificate, children's statement i (if applicable) and a fee of £300. The court will give you a leaflet explaining the rest of the procedure.
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