What if your pilit will not stay lit on your wall mount gas heater?

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If you keep relighting the pilot and it keeps going out it is most likely a problem with the thermocouple. They are inexpensive and generally easy to replace but only if you are familiar with this type of work. If you plan on DIY be careful because you will be working with gas and electricity. Be sure to shut off both before replacing it. or.. call a technician to be sure it is indeed the thermocouple that needs replacing and they can safely replace it for you.
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Why does my pilit on gas fireplace not stay lit?

you are probably out of gas, or if it(the tank) was recently filled, there may be an air bubble, that happened with mine. Also, there could be a dirt particle on the lense of

What do I do if the gas water heater pilot light wont stay lit?

The small metal cylinder that is heated by the pilot flame, the generator thermopile thermocouple forces 0.25/0.5/0.75 Volt min/typical/max on to the approximately 10 Ohm inpu

How does a gas wall heater work?

Wall heaters operate by heating a stream of air moving through the unit by convection. There usually is no blower. Important elements include the heat exchanger, exhaust venti

Why won't ventles gas logs stay lit?

I have a gas log fireplace that after a period of time the fire as well as the pilot light will go out. What could be the problem? Thank you, Linda Fink linda@homewinery.com

Your LP gas valve fails to stay lit?

Check that the temperature sensor is properly located (generally right above the pilot flame). If it doesn't stay lit after holding the pilot button down (per the instructions

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Your problem is likely due to something with the thermocouple. That is the device that senses heat fom the pilot light- no heat, it turns off gas as a safety measure. Get a ga
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Where can one purchase a gas wall heater?

You can purchase a gas wall heater from your local hardware or gas heating stockist. Failing that, some large home improvement stores such as Lowes stock them.
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Where can one purchase gas wall heaters?

One can purchase gas wall heaters when one goes to a store of Canadian Tire, Rona, Lowe's, Home Hardware, etc. One can also purchase online at the websites of these stores.