What information do you need to know about the illegal immigrant in order to report them birth date birth place name last name?

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I have reported illegal immigrant and was asked for the person's first/last name, birthdate, and address and any other information that would be helpful.
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How can the father of a child be ordered to pay child support if his name is not on the birth certificate and his last name is unknown?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIf the couple are unmarried paternity must be established before a child support petition can be filed.\n. \nIf the father refuses to take a p

Does the mother have to marry the father in order for the baby to have his last name at birth?

me and my husband were married, but had only been married for a month. and when the baby was born i still hadnt changed my last name, but i could just write down what i wanted

In Florida is it illegal for the birth mother to put the adoptive mother's name on the birth certificate?

Yes. It is illegal to falsify information on a legal document. The information you provide on the birth certificate must be accurate. An original birth certificate is issued