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What is 'afternoon' in French?

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Apr$s-midi is a French equivalent of 'afternoon'. It's pronounced 'ah-preh-mee-dee'. It's a masculine gender noun whose definite article is 'le' ['the'], and whose indefinite article is 'un' ['a, one']. It literally means 'after [the hour of] noon'.
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What is 'Good afternoon' in French?

That's incredible the amount of errors everywhere: Bon après-midi  is NOT the translation of Good afternoon, Bon après-midi means good  bye and we use it when we leave a p

What is the french words for good afternoon?

"Bon après-midi"  Grammar note: This can also be written "bonne après-midi". This is because the word après-midi has the rare quality in the French language that it can eq

What is afternoon time?

12:00 midday till the evening begins. Generally, evening is considered to begin when the sun's gone down and it's beginning to get dark, but generally it could be pinned down

What is 'Good afternoon Ladies' in French?

Bon après-midi, Mesdames is a French equivalent of 'Good afternoon, Ladies'. The words in French are pronounced 'boh-nah-prEH-mee-dEE may-dahm'. In the word by word transla

When does afternoon start?

Solar 12:00 PM 12:01pm
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Design an amazing new test to prove that 73.6% of the United States does in fact suffer from a little known (possibly harmful) mental ailment known to the scientific community