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What is 'teachable moment' in German?

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Ein lehrbarer Moment
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How can you teachable in a sentence?

"Jack is very teachable because he enjoys learning." "Mary is not very teachable because she doesn't listen very well." "Children are more teachable than adults."

What are moments?

A moment (or torque) is a turning effect or force that depends on two thing. It depends on the size of the force which is measured in newtons and the perpendicular distance f

What is an explode the moment?

It is where time slows down during a scene to add intensity or  drama. This gives it more mood and atmosphere, giving the reader a  more interesting interpretation of someth

What is germanation?

It is when all these seeds come off the flowers and animlas and humans transport them to a new area.

What is what about you in German?

(direct translation) what about you- was ist mit dir however the more informal way would be- und ihnen? (and you?) after you say that to a person, and they say something b

How are you in German?

Wie geht's? - 'how are you?' Reply - Mir geht's gut - 'I'm well'

What is 'How do you do' in German?

  This old fashioned term is hardly used nowadays. but the phrases used are. "Guten Tag, Wie geht es Ihnen" is the formal term used during the day. "Guten Abend, Wie g

What is 'we' in German?

English: "we" is German: "wir". It is pronounced "Vir" though; "W" in German make "V" sounds.

What is a clockwise moment?

for eg if you want to stir a cup of tea and stir it towards right its is clock wise as it is moving in the direction of the clock (i.e. 12,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11). If you do

What is moment?

  In physics and engineering, moment is usually defined as the force which causes anything to rotate. Just like force, which causes an object to move in a linear direction