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What is 24k gold price per gram in India?

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as on 13th Aug, the gold price per gram for 22 K is 1066.

what is the 24k gold price in saudia Arabia

24K Gold price in India at IOB
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What is todays gold price 21 carat per gram in India?

Wake up! The soft yellow gold metal for years don't has stable  value in the world market even in india 21 karat per gram or ounce  or for tons it is scams!

Price per gram of white gold in India?

It is $140 dollors per grams in the world market today!

1 gram 24k gold price?

As of Nov 3,2009 1 gram of 24k gold is worth $35.13 and rising.

What is the price gold per gram?

24 carat gold price in jeddah today