What is ABA number for US Bank?

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The numbers located on the bottom of your check is called a MICR line. The MICR line is an acronym for Magnetic Image Character Recognition. The MICR line consists of 3 elements, those being, a routing transit number (also known as an ABA number) or bank Number, A account number, and the check number.

US Bank has several routing numbers that correspond to the state by which the account was opened in.
082000549 - Arkansas
122105155 - Arizona
121122676 - Northern California
122235821 - Southern California
102000021 - Colorado
073000545 - Iowa
123103729 - Idaho 081202759 - Southern Illinois
071904779 - Northern Illinois
074900783 - Indiana
101000187 - Kansas
042100175 - Eastern Kentucky
083900363 - Western Kentucky
091000022 - Minnesota * Also a money market routing number
101200453 - Missouri
081000210 - Missouri
092900383 - Montana
091300023 - North Dakota
104000029 - Nebraska
121201694 - Nevada
042000013 - Cincinnati, Ohio
041202582 - Mistake on Lake, Ohio
123000220 - Oregon
091408501 - South Dakota
064000059 - Tennessee
124302150 - Utah
125000105 - Washington
075000022 - Wisconsin
307070115 - Wyoming
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