What is Afghanistan?

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Afghanistan is a landlocked country in the Middle East, and south west asia.
North of it is Turkmenistan, Uzbakistan and Tajikistan.
West of it is Iran.
East and South of it is Pakistan.
An Islamic Republic.
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What is Afghanistan culture like?

Afghanistan culture is very rich and fascinating. As an Afghani myself, we eat a lot of food, there is always food at every gathering, and its always delicious. Afghani women

What is Afghanistan known for?

Afghanistan is known as the graveyard of superpowers. This is because every superpower that has tried to conquer it has failed and it has lead to their eventual demise. It is

What is Afghanistan suffering from right now?

Nine years of zero education, a complete collapse of the Healthcare System and the loss of about 5 million educate professionals who had enough money and prospects to risk bec

What is Afghanistan most known for?

its known for the eating of fruit because they eat alot No Afghanistan does not eat alot and they are not known for eating.Russian ppl eat alot and so do Jewish ppl too.So d
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What is Afghanistan boarded by?

It is bordered by Pakistan in the south and east, Tajikistan in the north east, Uzbekistan in the north,Turkmenistan in the northwest and Iran in the west
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What is Afghanistan land use?

Most of the land is used for farming tho very little of the land is arable. The rest is used for housing etc.