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Fairtrade (or Fair Trade) is a world-wide system set up so that people would know that the products they were buying (like coffee, cotton, honey, oranges, bananas, rice, sugar and more) met certain international standards. Namely:
  • The original growers were paid adequately for their work and produce
  • The products were grown under proper environmental standards
  • The companies were independently audited to make sure
  • The companies doing so correctly could then use the Fairtrade Certification Mark
A: Fair trade, is basically when companies pay producers [normally in developing countries] a fair price, for what they sell. The difference is that before, companies used to violate human rights and deny basic human needs. In these times of greater globalization, this issue has come into the spotlight. Fair trade is also better for the environment, because 85% of fair trade items are also certified organic.
Fair trade is also a means of showing good will, which boosts consumer relations between companies. The main point of fair trade is that companies think of the whole world not just profits. To reassure consumers there are over 270 organizations in 60 countries world wide.
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