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Karma Bunnies is a cartoon created by Edwin Arce Jr of Jamaica Queens NY. Created in 2001, it has yet to be published and is awaiting copyright.
Karma bunnies are a race of rabbits created by God to avenge wrong doings by human beings.
Starting effect now: August 8th 2007, Edwin arce Jr will be working diligently on this cartoon and any form of plagerism will not be tolerated.
As of DEC 2008 Karma Bunnies is a work in progress. More to come.
Thanks for the feedback!

What is karma?

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Does karma exist?

Karma probably exists to those whose religion is Hindu or Buddhist, or in other words, if you believe in it, it probably will exist to you.

What is the importance of Karma?

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When does karma end?

  When you have cleared all yourkarmic debts and attained salvation.

How do you get rid of karma?

    No one can get rid of karma. It's always there. So be careful what you say and do to someone else 'cause it might be done back to you.     Hope this helps.

Who is bunny?

Muhamamd Bunny Bunny is the roughest boy in the entire barndield south, but not only in barnfield south but in the entire luton to. Bunny Bunny can also be a rabits name.

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