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Founded in the spring of 1993 to showcase new filmmakers and their works, and has grown to produce several feature films, marine life documentaries, short film and television series since.

Executive Officers/Staff:

Chris Pelkey, CEO and Executive Producer

Kevin Williams, Associate Producer

Dwight-Kuaika Thompson, Executive Director of Development, and Lead Screenwritter.

Max Hannson, Writter

Stephen Sullivan, Writter

Dwight-Kuaika A. Thompson, Editor

Paul Thompson, Editor

Rahiem Phillips, Graphic Artist, Special Effects Editing

Sebastian Townshend, Videographer, Editor

Mark Johnson & Associates, Film Editing

Current Projects:

AONE, feature film, fall 2010

Highgate Center, television series, spring 2010

Make a Wave, Music Video, Disney Productions, 2010

Mystic Photo, documentary film, 2009

Hawaiian Coral Reefs, marine life documentary, 2009

Subjective, feature, 2008

The Andrew Cunanan Story, feature, 2007

Flight 29 Down, television pilot, written for Hawaiian Film Parners, 2005

Walk The Dog, documentary film, 2004

WoodHeaven, feature film, 2003

For more information, contact us:

Ocean Film Productions, 2780 Kekaa Drive, Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761
E-Mail: Ocean6dwightthompson@gmail.com
Ph: 808-283-3890
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