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Philippines is a country in South East Asia. Philippine is something that the Philippines owns.
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What is Philippine Crisis?

Actually, Philippines is a rich in resources but people don't see it for they usually compare ourselves to other countries. In fact, we are the ones who suppose to be jealous

What is Philippine Historiography?

Philippine Historiography is the history of the Republic of the Philippines. Philippine history can be traced back to the arrival of Magellan to present day. Many people hav

What is Philippine cuisine?

Philippines is home to many delicacies as well as cuisines that are delightful to the palate. The many specialties of the country includes the Adobo, Kare-kare, Chicken Inasal

What is Philippine art?

The Philippine Art is very diverse. The Philippine art includesdancing, weaving, pottery, and weaving just but to mention a few.

What is Philippine drama?

Philippine drama can be classified into different forms and genres, with the most popular being the teleserye. The teleserye is a television form of melodramatic serialized

What is Philippine money?

Philippine money is denominated in Pesos, and theoretically in centavos where there are 100 centavos in one peso. But the value of a peso is so small that centavos are not muc

What is Philippine ornaments?

is a decoration used to embellish parts of a building or object in the Philippines. Large figurative elements such as monumental sculpture and their equivalents in decorative

What is Philippine zebronkey?

A zebronkey is a cross between a zebra and another equine. It doesnot occur in the wild and was created by an intentional cross. Theother equine is usually a donkey or zebra d