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Positive Stress Brings Thrill to Life Positive Stress is also called Eustress. This excitement is felt by people when they are confronted by a demanding situation, which they think they can handle. This fills them with thrill and excitement. Like runners on the track, taking a ride on the roller coaster, taking up a challenging project at workplace.

Positive Stress gives you the energy to throw yourself into something where you want to make some contribution. Approaching exams enhance a student's concentration and learning capability.

Positive Stress is essential for bringing zest to the life. Life without any kind of stress will be very distressing indeed - verging on boredom. When you are bored you crave for stress, you feel a kind of lifelessness. Not a very happy prospect for anybody.

Positive stress makes life worthwhile. A very interesting question is - Will you do anything if you don't feel any kind of stress? It is very doubtful. Seeing man's proneness to inertia, in the absence of any stress, the man will be a dead body!

Answer2: Positive stress where the fight of flight response of the body is triggered by emotions such as anger or fear. Suppose you sense a possible danger. You tense and begin breathing more deeply. The hormone adrenaline surged into your bloodstream. Your liver releases stored sugar. The sugar and fat (cholesterol levels in your blood rise, fueling you for peak performance. Your heart beats faster. More blood flows to your muscles. You are alert, prepared for swift action or decisons.
This response is not bad in itself because it may make you run faster than you ever thought you could. You could play an exciting ball game, suddenly the ball is coming at you! You must catch it and throw it back quickly! You are keyed and ready to act. Awake 8/1980 pgs 4-7
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What is positive stress also referred to as?

Positive stress is the stress that someone may need in order toimprove or to get better results. Positive stress can also bereferred to as a challenge or a target.

What are the positive aspects of good stress?

Studies indicate that no stress is good for the body because itperforms the same physiological function on the body. However, goodstress has a very different psychological rea

When is stress positive and when is it negative?

Good stress, bad stress... Good stress, AKA eustress can be anything that you could consider "good" like winning a game, getting an A+ on that math test you were worried about

What are the examples of positive stress and negative stress?

Positive Deciding to pretend to be sick on testing day. talking anger out on a younger child. Eating to much food. Seen yourself in the mirror thinking your fat, went you
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What are five positive effects of stress?

They are no such thing as positive effects of stress. You cannot get any positive effect of stress. Its just that it affects one negatively.