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Sensex refers to "Sensitivity Index" and is generally associated with the stock market indices. There are currently two major stock exchanges in India, The Bombay Stock exchange (BSE) and The National Stock Exchange (NSE).

The BSE Sensex is an indicator of all the major companies of the BSE. The Nifty is an indicator of all the major companies of the NSE.

If the Sensex goes up, it means that the prices of the stocks of most of the companies under the BSE Sensex (30 companies) have gone up. If the Sensex goes down, this tells you that the stock price of most of the major stocks on the BSE have gone down.

Today the BSE Sensex constitutes of the following companies:

Company Name (Industry)
  1. ACC (Cement - Major)
  2. Bharti Airtel (Telecommunications - Service)
  3. BHEL (Engineering - Heavy)
  4. DLF (Construction & Contracting - Real Estate)
  5. Grasim (Diversified)
  6. HDFC Bank (Banks - Private Sector)
  7. HDFC (Finance - Housing)
  8. Hindalco (Aluminium)
  9. Hindustan Unilever Ltd (Personal Care)
  10. ICICI Bank (Banks - Private Sector)
  11. Infosys Ltd (Computers - Software)
  12. ITC Ltd(Cigarettes)
  13. Jaiprakash Associates (Construction, Real Estate, Cement etc.)
  14. Larsen & Toubro (Construction, Diversified)
  15. Mahindra and Mahindra (Auto - Cars & Jeeps)
  16. Maruti Suzuki (Auto - Cars & Jeeps)
  17. NTPC (Power - Generation/Distribution)
  18. ONGC (Oil Drilling And Exploration)
  19. Ranbaxy Labs (Pharmaceuticals)
  20. Reliance Communications (Telecommunications - Service)
  21. Reliance Industries Limited (Diversified)
  22. Reliance Infrastructure (Power - Generation/Distribution)
  23. State Bank of India (Banks - Public Sector)
  24. Sterlite Industries (Metals - Non Ferrous)
  25. Sun Pharma (Pharmaceuticals)
  26. Tata Motors (Auto - LCVs/HCVs)
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