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What is Sensex in the stock market?

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Can you buy stock from the stock market?

You have to be a broker with a seat on the exchange to trade stocks on the stock exchange. You can get such a broker to buy and sell for you, but he will charge a commission.

In a bear market what does the stock market do?

Goes Down(Kaylop) You can make money in a Bear Market when stocks go down by "Selling Short" Short selling stocks is the most misunderstood and under-utilized of stock tra

What is capital market or stock market?

The capital market is basically a big term that includes the entiretrading market and venues also. To know more about this term thenyou must visit Tradebulls which details in

What is sensex?

The BSE Index or the Sensex as it is popularly known, is the index of the performance of the 30 largest & most profitable, popular companies listed in the index. Each company

What does the stock market do?

hey what stock market does is nothing but trade different scripts listed in it....there are different aspects through which we can trade in it....if you are interested in lear

What is a definition of a stock in the stock market?

A stock is a certificate that indicates or is a proof of your ownership in a company. When a company needs capital, it issues shares or stocks that investors can buy for a sta

What does the stock market do in a bear market?

Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with stock market has probably heard of the terms bull market and bear market. Bull market and bear market are terms that describe the mark

What are stock markets?

Stock markets refer to any place where stocks and other securities are bought and sold by traders. Stock exchanges are the most important component of a stock market. Bombay S

What is the purpose of selling stocks in the stock market?

The classic purpose is to make money or to get money. Hopefully the stock was bought at a lower price than the selling price, hence a profit is mad. Even if that is not the ca

Is stock exchange and stock market are the same?

They are used interchangeably but there is a subtle difference. A stock exchange is an association formed to buy and sell securities or the physical location where this associ

Who insures your stocks in the stock market?

No One, not your broker, not the SIPC, not the FDIC. The only insurance you have is if your broker goes out of business, the stocks and cash you have in your account is insu

What is stock market?

Stock Market is a synonym for Secondary Market. In simple, it's aplace where buying & selling of securities goes on (A tradeplace for securities). Almost all of the renowned S