What is Turkmenistan famous for?

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Cotton production, desert lands, exports of electrical power, and reserves of natural gas and oil are what the Central Asian Turkic state of Turkmenistan is known for.

Specifically, the largely desert land of Turkmenistan is irrigated to support agricultural production. At least half of all of the country's agricultural producers plant, harvest and market cotton. Because of this commitment to cotton production nationally and to cotton's role internationally, Turkmenistan is the world's tenth (10th) largest cotton producer.

In the country's predominantly desert environment, water resources are important in terms of irrigation and of energy. The country's two main power-generating stations are the Hindukush Hydroelectric Station and the Mary Thermoelectric Power Station. Both help meet domestic needs and the needs of Central Asian neighbors.

Other actual and power sources are based on the country's substantial reserves of natural gas and oil. Turkmenistan is considered to have the world's fourth (4th) largest reserves of natural gas. Both natural gas and oil are important exports from Turkmenistan.
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