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Vermont is next to....... NEW HAMPSHIRE
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Where is Vermont?

In New England, South of Quebec, North of Massachusetts, East of New York snd West of New Hampshire. It is between New York state and New Hampshire. It is a New England stat

What can you do in Vermont?

You can go swimming and boating in Vermont's many lakes, streams, and ponds. You could go hiking in the Green Mountains, shopping, go to a spa, go tour historic sites, and ove

How did Vermont become the Republic Of Vermont?

Vermont actually was a republic, although it was never called arepublic, it was a fully functioning nation. Vermont became arepublic when it declared independence from New Yor

What about Vermont?

Vermont became the 14th state in theUnion on February 18, 1791.

Why vermont became vermont?

Vermont is called "The Green Mountain State". The french term for green mountain is "verde mont". Take out the d, e, and the space, and you get "Vermont"

What are vermonts symbols and why are they vermonts symbols?

Vermont's state animal is the Morgan Horse, because Justin Morgan lived in Vermont for several years. His horse, Figure, was nicknamed the 'Justin Morgan horse,' and had lots
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What is a vermonteer?

An individual from the state of Vermont, located in the United States.
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Is Vermont next to Maine or New York?

It is next to New york. New York is a really beautiful place to live in. People around the wold would love to visit New York.
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When and where is Justin Bieber's next concert in Vermont?

Justin Bieber is constantly performing, so he has concerts all thetime, in a bunch of places. He has concerts in major cities aroundVermont. If you live in a smaller city, che