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using a hairdryer to dry your hair that's blow dry, i want to know what a brow dry is
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What is Olive's brow?

  Jesus prayed on the Mount of Olives the night before he was crucified. So, in the song, the light shining on Olive's brow is the light on the Mount of Olives.

What is a mono-brow?

A mono-brow is a type of creature that hides in between the eye. it migrates from the southern part of ugandy, the creature is known to be highly indangered. it is known to be

Why do we have eye brows?

Well, its just the way god made us, and also, if we didn't have eye brows, we would look pathetic.

What is Cynthia's Brow?

  From Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet, act III, sc V, line 20.   "'Tis but the pale reflex of Cynthia's Brow;"   This is in contrast to "the morning's eye", or the sun,

What is a una brow?

It's "unibrow". It refers to a person whose eyebrows are so bushy that they appear to have one, rather than two. This can be eliminated by plucking the hair above the nose in

What are brown spots that do not hurt or itch are not raised and are not dry on the upper thigh area on af female age fifty and what can be done to get rid of them deep warm brow skin.?

They are age or sun spots. They occur from over exposure to the sun. You start to get them as you get older because you skin gets more sensitive to the sun as you age. You s

What is a unicorn brow?

This is an eyebrow that arches into a "point" close to the edge ofthe eye.