What is a CAT scan technician?

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A CT scan tech is a Radiology Technologist (X-ray Tech) with additional training in CT scan either on the job or through additional schooling.
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What does CAT in CAT scan mean?

A "Computerized Axial Tomographic" scan is a type of X-ray scan that is utilized for diagnostic purposes in a variety of health issues.

What is a CAT scan?

A type of X-ray where they use a computer to create athree-dimensional picture of the body part. CAT stands forComputerized Axial Tomography. Tomography is complicated to exp

When was the cat scan invented?

Computed Tomography (CT) imaging is also known as "CAT scanning" (Computed Axial Tomography). Tomography is from the Greek word "tomos" meaning "slice" or "section" and graphi

What does CAT stand for in CAT scan?

The CAT scan is c omputerized a xial t omography. The words "axialized" and "tomographic" might be substituted in. A link can be found below. Oh, and we're moving away from

How does CAT scanning differ from PET scanning?

CT scan (also referred to as CAT scan) means "Computer Tomography"and PET scan means "Positron Emission Tomography". They are relatedto each other but are different forms of i

Difference between CAT scan and cat scan with contrast?

A CAT scan is actually just an acronysm of the actual name of the test. CAT used to stand for Computerized Axial Tomography ( which is a fancy way of saying you use computers

Where to get training for PET scan technician?

In order to become a PET scan technician, you will need to have acollege degree in nuclear medicine technology. While an associate'sdegree may be enough, it is best to continu

What does the CAT scan scan for?

Computed tomography. It is a method where x-rays pictures are digitally enhanced by a computer to give a three dimensional picture of the object under test.
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Is CT scan same as CAT scan?

Yes. Newer name for the same thing: . CT is 'computed tomography' . CAT was 'computed axial tomography' Both use a narrow x-ray beam rotated about the axis of the object
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What does a CAT scan scan for?

You can look for many different things. It will show fluid collection in the belly, collapsed lungs, broken bones, internal bleeding, bleeding in the brain, tumors, blood clot
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How is an MRI scan different from a cat scan?

An MRI scan is different from a CAT scan as it uses magnets and radio frequencies as opposed to X-rays to generate images of the brain.
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Who can get a cat scan?

Anyone can get a cat scan young or old. It is not recommended for women who are pregnant, since it uses radiation which could be harmful to the fetus.