What is a Pseudo Listening?

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Pseudo Listening =Fake Listening
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What is pseudo force?

Answer . In a closed moving train, moving with uniform velocity with respect to an observer on a station, the person in the train - here after we shall denote the person by t

What is a pseudo-ruminant?

A pseudoruminant is the classification of an animal based on its digestive tract. These types of animals are still considered foregut-fermentors, but only have three chambers

What is pseudo masochist?

It's not actually supposed to be pseudo as in "fake". It's supposed to be spelled sadomasochist. A sadomasochist is basically someone with the fetish of hurting others/bein

What is pseudo folliculitis?

Pseudofolliculitis is a type of skin irritation. It describes thepersistent itchiness, irritation, and bumps that develop as aresult of shaving.

What is pseudo lambic?

\nIt is a hybrid beer. Most of the time it is a light wheat beer that has some strain of bacteria added to give you the sour notes that people identify as a lambic.

What is a pseudo-hermaphrodite?

Possibly someone with mixed gender characteristics but would be recognized on the street as positively a Man or a woman. The other day I saw a young lady in a local supermarke

What is pseudo gout?

Pseudogout is a form of arthritis characterized by sudden, painful swelling in one or more of your joints. These episodes can last for days or weeks. Pseudogout typically occu

What is a pseudo host?

The pseudo host is an alias for the machine on which the adaptor is running. This terminology is used when discussing computer technology.

What is a pseudo fit?

A pseudo fit is essentially a seizure that is brought on by intense stress, and does not directly correlate with epilepsy.
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What are pseudo species?

a fictional notion that they are superior to other cultures

What is pseudo alum?

A pseudo alum is a double sulfate of the typical formulaASO 4 ·B 2 (SO 4 ) 3 ·22H 2 O,where A is a divalent metal ion, such as cobalt (wupatkiite),manganese (apjohnite),

What is pseudo halogen?

1. Molecules of the type PHal-PHal Pseudohalogens (PHal) are CN - , SCN-, CNO - . 2. Molecules of the type PHal-Hal Halogens are Cl, F, Br, I, At.

What is pseudo vector?

A psuedovector is a vector that transform in a proper rotation, butin three dimensions it gains an additional sign flip because of animproper rotation.