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The Tokarev pistol is an autoloading (semiautomatic) single action pistol. Official names are TT-30 and TT-33. TT stands for "Tula Tokarev", with Tula being the name of the town where it was designed and Tokarev the name of the designer.

The pistol employs a locked breech design with a Browning-type tilting barrel and link and has an 8-round detachable magazine. The pistol was originally chambered in 7.62x25 (7.62 Tokarev, .30 Tokarev). Copies of the design have been made in other countries (notably, China) in 9x19(9mm Parabellum), as well as variants for target shooting chambered in .22LR.

This pistol was a sidearm of the Soviet military and police from it's initial acceptance in 1930 and until mid-1950's. It had limited use with armed guards until the late 1990's.

Besides the USSR, the TT has been produced under license, and otherwise, in Romania, Yugoslavia, China, East Germany, Hungary, and, possibly, Bulgaria.
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Fair Price for type Tokarev pistol in 7.62x25mm?

As of Feb 2011 $200.00 as a general rule. There are 2 types of pistols in 7.62x25. The CZ-52 and the Tokarev TT-33. 1) CZ-52 ($200.00 to $300.00) If you are looking at

Where can you find a manual for Zastava M57 Tokarev pistol?

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When was the tokarev made?

First designed and put into service by the Red Army in 1930. 1.7 million units have been produced, and a few are still in service various members of the Russian Armed Forces.

What are Tokarev pistols worth?

As of Feb 2011: -Tokarev 213's are the cheapest of the Tokarev's. Not many people want 9mm any more, they are looking for 7.62x25 Tokarev's. All 213's are 9mm. The 213's are

When was the first tokarev pistol made?

The first working prototype was created in early 1930. It was designated the Red Army's standard sidearm later the same year, replacing the archaic Nagant M1895 revolver.