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A certified letter is guaranteed by the postal service to be delivered to the recipient. A form is filled out at the post office that contains the name of the sender and the person/place where the letter is sent. The sender receives a receipt and can request they be notified when delivery is made. When delivery is made the a person must sign for accepting the mail. The cost is more than ordinary postage, but it gives the sender proof of having sent the material. Actually the letter is not guaranteed to be delivered to the recipient if it is sent via certfied mail. Anyone who answers the door at the address can sign for the letter if it is not sent via restricted mail, which can only be signed by the recipient or I believe anyone who can produce legal papers of guardianship of said recipient. This method of mailing is also more expensive by several dollars (about 5, I think give or take).
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How much does it cost to send a certified letter?

The United States Post Office now has the option of using  electronic receipts instead of the old green cards. The green cards  are still available, and the cost to send a r

What is the purpose of sending a certified letter?

When you send a certified letter, the person receiving it has to sign a receipt acknowledging it was delivered and received. The receipt (or a copy) is sent to the person who

How can you tell who sent a certified letter?

  Take the certified letter notification (the card telling you that a certified letter is being sent to you) to your local post office, and ask who the sender is.

What is the fee to send a certified letter?

The fee is $2.95 plus the usual postage for certification. Delivery confirmation would be extra.

What happens if you don't sign for delivery of a certified letter?

Certified Mail is a special service started in 1955 by the US  Postal Service that gives the sender proof of mailing and delivery.  If the intended receiver does not sign th

Why would a person receive a certified letter from their previous employed?

I received a certified letter from an old employer because of 2 reasons. First, they needed to have me sign for my W2 and they also sent a certified letter to me to state that