What is a compiled program?

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A compiler takes the source code and generates an executable (the compiled program) that your device can run.
A compiled program is source code that is translated to either machine code (native code) or byte code. Native machine code requires no further translation and can be executed as-is, but byte code must be interpreted in order to produce the required machine code. Java is an example of a language that compiles to byte code that is suitable for interpretation by the Java virtual machine. C++, on the other hand, compiles to native machine code. Interpretation is much slower than executing native machine code program, however it is more efficient to interpret compiled byte code than it is to interpret high-level source code. Moreover, byte code is generally portable whereas native machine code is always machine-dependent.
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How do I compile and execute a C program?

In Linux you can use the gcc [Gross C Compiler] compiler for compiling a C program. The file will be compiled and if no errors object file will be created, which can be executed by giving typing ' ./a.out ' in the current path. You can also specify a name to the output file. If you specify a name, (MORE)

How do you compile a java program?

The javac command is used to invoke Java's compiler and compile a Java source file. A typical invocation of the javac command would look like below: javac [options] [source files] Both the [options] and the [source files] are optional parts of the command, and both allow multiple entries. Th (MORE)

Why do you compile a Java program?

The java interpreter or JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is not able toexecute the java source code for a program. The java source codefirst needs to be compiled into bytecode that can be processed byJVM. Producing bytecode make the program platform independent as eachplatform has its own JVM. It is also (MORE)

What program languages uses compilers?

Every higher level programming language uses a compiler. A compileris needed to translate the written instructions into a type ofinstruction that the computer will recognize.

How do you compile a C program in Linux?

1. Create the source into a file with any text editor, for example: myprog.c 2. Compile it: gcc -Wall -W -pedantic -g -o myprog myprog.c 3. Run it: ./myprog .

When a NET program is compiled it is converted to?

1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables): a) For web sites or other server-side deliverables intended to onl (MORE)

What is the role of the Compiler in a C program?

The compiler takes the file that you have written and produces another file from it. In the case of Pascal programs, for instance, you might write a program called myProg.pas and the Pascal compiler would translate it into the file myProg.exe which you could then run. If you tried to examine the con (MORE)

How do you decompile a compiled program?

Basically, you can't. It would be like trying to take a baked cake and turn it back into its ingredients. It is maybe not that severe, but nevertheless very difficult to break a program and find some of its original components. That is why we keep the programs themselves in the form of source code. (MORE)

How do you compile c program?

Once the program is written we must insist machine to exicute it. so to type the c-program you need some platform that is called "Editor". After writting the program the program should be converted to machine lavel language mean '0' and '1' before that has exicuted. To do these thing we need a progr (MORE)

What happens when a program is compiled?

when you compile your program , it is sequentially checking your coding and check whether there is an error. thats the simple thing happening. if there is no error, then it will create an executable file for your coding which is run when you ask to run the program after compiling. if your coding hav (MORE)

What are the steps to compile a java program.?

For Windows and Dos: 1. Install the Java Development Kit (JDK) fromthe Java or Oracleweb site into C:\ drive. 2. Set path by giving following command path =%path%;c:\jdk1.3\bin;c:\jdk1.3\lib with your proper version ofJDK(i.e. jdk1.2.2 or jdk1.2 etc). 3. Write simple program in Edit of Dos or Not (MORE)

What programs are compiled for the Pentium 4?

Very few programs are compiled specifically for the Pentium 4. This is because it makes the code unable to run, or perform worse, on other processors, such as a Pentium III, Athlon 64 X2, or Core Duo. Also, there have been several iterations of the Pentium 4, each adding new features, like SSE2 and (MORE)

Are compilers a program?

A compiler is a program. More specifically, a compiler is anexecutable. You use a compiler to translate high-level source codeinto object code which can then be linked with other object code toproduce other executables. Compilers are usually written in ahigh-level language, which means you need a co (MORE)

How do you compile applet programs in java?

we write as: C:\java\bin>javac TestApplet.java then we do C:\java\bin>edit Test.html then we write in html C:\java\bin>appletViewer Test.html then we get output of program here TestApplet is name of class

C program compilation steps?

There are 6 steps Pre-processor - which replaces macros Code will be separated from comments syntax error will be given - types of parsing compilation - will convert high level language to assembly assembler - will convert assembly to machine language linker - will generate final executabl (MORE)

When does a program show a compiling error?

When a program contains a compiler error, the compiler will detect it, preventing the program from compiling. Compiler errors must be fixed before a program will compile successfully.

What is meant by compiling a program?

Compiling means converting it to the for which machine can understand. Infinity.. C++, COBOL, Pascal, BASIC, and other programming languages are English-like; a computer is an electro-magnetic machine that doesn't directly understand either English or English-like programming languages. In orde (MORE)

What is compilation process in programming?

In general a compiler will go through a few steps: . Lexical analysis - making sure all the symbols in the source code are legal, and turning them into "tokens" for the next step. . Syntactic analysis - analyze the tokens, ensuring they follow the rules of the language grammar and parsing them (MORE)

Compiling linking and execution of a program?

1) Compiling: It is a build program that are executed during the compilation of a program. At compiling time the program are contagiously Scan for any syntax and semantics error. After compilation the txt file convert into ".obj"(object) file and linking part will be execute. 2) Linking: Af (MORE)

What is an Program compilation?

That means to convert the original program - the source code, written by a programmer - into machine language, or into an intermediate form, for example, Java bytecode in the case of Java.\n That means to convert the original program - the source code, written by a programmer - into machine languag (MORE)

What does it mean to compile a java program?

Compiling a java program is an action where the Java Compiler scans through a java program checking it for syntactical correctness and generates the byte-code (the system recognizable form) of the class so that the program can be executed. Javac is the command that compiles a java class.

How do you compile programs in Linux?

You compile a Linux program with the 'make' command. Most of the time, Linux programs come with a makefile, which is a list of instructions that 'make' can use to build the program. You would just type 'make', or 'make target'. (But you've got to study this, and read the makefile.) In the simples (MORE)

What is a compiler in c program?

A compiler is a software program that translates C code into object code. The resultant object code can then be linked to produce an executable.

What is a compiler in computer programming?

A compiler, in computer programming, is a program that may or may not be written in the language the compiler is written for that takes a program written in the language that the compiler is designed for and spits out another file. In Java, this file is a collection of "bytecodes", or a program for (MORE)

What is the use of compiler in c-programming?

The compiler converts source code (the stuff the programmer wrote and is human readable) and converts it to machine code that the computers CPU can understand. The conversion is used to make an executable program. The compiler can also make libraries but libraries are not executable by them selve (MORE)

What is a compiler in computer programming language?

A compiler is a program that converts the language into machine code, also known as binary (1s and 0s). Not all programming languages need compilers. Some are assembly and still others can just be straight and utter machine code.

Why we have to compile a c program?

Programming Languages are a form of comunication between a programmer and the hardware. So the code written in C has to be compiled/transformed into machine code (similar to Assembler) so that the hardware can understand what to do. Compilation leaves your code ready to excecute. Withought it you on (MORE)

How are programming compilers made?

A compiler is itself a computer program. This program would read the source code of another program, and write machine code to accomplish whatever that program is supposed to do.

What does the compiler do in C programming?

C is a compiled programming language. You can not run your program using the source code file. Compiler does the binary code from source files. First, it runs the preprocessor, which removes comments and processing directives that begin with `# '. Then, the compiler converts the program text (MORE)

What does compiling a program mean?

A program is written in some standard language (like FORTRAN or C) that a human can understand and write code in. This code is then fed through a special program called a compiler which checks the syntax of what has been written and converts the "human" code into assembler instructions that the comp (MORE)

What are the advantages of compiling a program?

So it can be run. Answering from an alternative angle, compiling source code into an executable program creates a list of instructions that can be understood directly by the CPU of the computer without any extra tools. The alternative being a script is a program which has to be read and interp (MORE)

What is the difference between compiler and program?

A compiler is actually a program. However the function of a compiler it to take a programmers high level language code and render this as binary machine language instructions that a specific processor can execute.

Which compiler is used in C programming?

Strangely enough we use a C compiler. However, C has evolvedthrough several standards over the years so it is important you usethe latest standard when writing code and use the appropriatestandards-compliant compiler to compile that code. Moreover,compilers are platform-dependent and each platform h (MORE)

Why is C a compiled programming language?

Any language that uses a compiler to generate the machine code is acompiled language. By contrast, interpreted languages generate themachine code at runtime. Some languages, like Java, are bothcompiled and interpreted; the source code is compiled to Java bytecode which is then interpreted by the Jav (MORE)

Will a C compiler compile a C plus plus program?

No. By definition, a C++ program is a program that can only becompiled by the C++ compiler. Although the two languages do havemuch in common, not all C programs are valid in C++ but no C++program can ever be valid in C. That is, if a C++ program can becompiled by a C compiler then it was never a C++ (MORE)

What does compiler mean in programming?

A compiler is an executable that converts high-level source codeinto a lower level source code. Compilers are typically used toconvert source code into a native machine code executable or anassembly language source, however they can also be used to convertto any programming language lower than the s (MORE)