What is a compiled program?

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A compiler takes the source code and generates an executable (the compiled program) that your device can run.
A compiled program is source code that is translated to either machine code (native code) or byte code. Native machine code requires no further translation and can be executed as-is, but byte code must be interpreted in order to produce the required machine code. Java is an example of a language that compiles to byte code that is suitable for interpretation by the Java virtual machine. C++, on the other hand, compiles to native machine code. Interpretation is much slower than executing native machine code program, however it is more efficient to interpret compiled byte code than it is to interpret high-level source code. Moreover, byte code is generally portable whereas native machine code is always machine-dependent.
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What program languages uses compilers?

Every higher level programming language uses a compiler. A compileris needed to translate the written instructions into a type ofinstruction that the computer will recognize.

Are compilers a program?

A compiler is a program. More specifically, a compiler is anexecutable. You use a compiler to translate high-level source codeinto object code which can then be linked with ot

What is an Program compilation?

That means to convert the original program - the source code, written by a programmer - into machine language, or into an intermediate form, for example, Java bytecode in the

What does it mean to compile a java program?

Compiling a java program is an action where the Java Compiler scans through a java program checking it for syntactical correctness and generates the byte-code (the system reco

How do you compile programs in Linux?

You compile a Linux program with the 'make' command. Most of the time, Linux programs come with a makefile, which is a list of instructions that 'make' can use to build the pr

What is a compiler in c program?

A compiler is a software program that translates C code into object code. The resultant object code can then be linked to produce an executable.

What is the use of compiler in c-programming?

The compiler converts source code (the stuff the programmer wrote and is human readable) and converts it to machine code that the computers CPU can understand. The conversion

What is a compiler in computer programming language?

A compiler is a program that converts the language into machine code, also known as binary (1s and 0s). Not all programming languages need compilers. Some are assembly and sti
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Why we have to compile a c program?

Programming Languages are a form of comunication between a programmer and the hardware. So the code written in C has to be compiled/transformed into machine code (similar to A
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How are programming compilers made?

A compiler is itself a computer program. This program would read the source code of another program, and write machine code to accomplish whatever that program is supposed to