What is a computer hard disk drive?

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A computer hard disk drive is a piece of hardware which is a storage media device used for storing and retrieving digital information and files. It does this using rapidly rotating disks coated with magnetic material.
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How do you create different drives on a computer hard disk?

You do it by creating partitions on your hard drives. Partitions are typically created before the hard drive is formatted. Another option is to use a program like Partition Ma

Does a bigger hard disk drive mean a faster computer?

\nNo. A bigger hard disk drive does not usually mean a faster computer. It only means that your computer can hold more data before it crashes. The speed of your central proces

What is the hard drive disk on the computer?

The Hard Disk Drive, or HDD, is typically the main storage device for most computers. The operating system (such as Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux), games, programs and applica

Does the hard disk drive tell the computer what to do?

Partially. The answer is a little complicated as what a computerdoes is governed by a combination of hardware, firmware, andsoftware. Typically the Operating System or Boot C

How you can make drive of hard disk in computer?

You create a directory, then get a big thing where you save your stuff onto, then save all you want onto it. Then wait for the hardrive and follow the instructions from there!
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What is the function of hard disk drives in a computer?

a hard disk drive is typically an electro-magnetic device which is used as a secondary storage in many computers. Compared to primary memory, HDDs own a huge data capacity but