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"Fern" is a generic term used to describe a group of plants with common physical and biological features.

Ferns are seedless, vascular plants that have roots, stems and fronds. They repoduce by spores and do not produce flowers like angiosperms.

HOWEVER, most "ferns" belong to the plant Division: Pteridophyta, but that is as far as the taxonomy can be taken without more information.
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What is fern?

Ferns are a family of plants that do not flower and reproduce byspores. Fern is also a name and nickname.

Why do ferns grow out from another fern?

Mother ferns, Asplenium viviparum , and A. bulbiferum, are two species of fern where small clones grow directly from the fronds of the parent. When the clones are l

Does the fern have seeds?

Nope. The reproductive mechanism of a fern releases spores instead of seeds, unlike most vascular plants.

What are the Parts of a fern?

A fern has three main parts of the body that are the fronds,rhizome, and the sporangia. On the fronds, the flat, green leafblades are lamina and between the lamina and rhizome

What is a fern frond?

"Frond" is the name for the "leaf" of the fern. A frond is a actually long stem with many leaves growing outward from the middle. They can be directly opposite to one another,

What do ferns do?

Ferns are very good ornamental plants. These inhabit rocky and moist places and take an active part in the formation of soil.

What is a Fern Spider?

It is an Italian Wolf Spider genetically crossed with the ponga fern. It has green ferns growing on its back.
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How do you spell fernes?

The green epiphyte plants are FERNS. A heating unit is a FURNACE.
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Are ferns annuals?

No Ferns are not annuals, annuals are angiosperms which have a short life-cycle (one season/ year or less). Ferns belong to the Plantae division Pteridophyta
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What does ferns have?

Ferns have roots that hold them onto a tree or another plant, leaves, chlorophyll and spores.
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What is a fern made of?

Like all living things ferns are made of cells