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"Fern" is a generic term used to describe a group of plants with common physical and biological features.

Ferns are seedless, vascular plants that have roots, stems and fronds. They repoduce by spores and do not produce flowers like angiosperms.

HOWEVER, most "ferns" belong to the plant Division: Pteridophyta, but that is as far as the taxonomy can be taken without more information.
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What is the study of Ferns?

Pteridology - study ferns and its relatives

What is the plural of fern?

The plural form of fern is ferns.

Where is the part of fern?

A fern is any one of a group of about 12,000 species of plants belonging to the botanical group known as Pteridophyta.[3] Unlike mosses, they have xylem and phloem (making the

Is a fern a producer?

Yes, ferns are producers .They can produce their own foods it is called as producer.

What are ferns?

Ferns are seedless vascular plants.

What is a ferns reproduction?

Ferns have sexual mode of reproduction. Also ferns can only reproduce where there is sufficient moisture to transfer their motile male gametes to the archegonia for fertilizat

Why do ferns grow out from another fern?

Mother ferns, Asplenium viviparum, and A. bulbiferum, are two species of fern where small clones grow directly from the fronds of the parent. When the clones are large enough,

Do ferns pollinate?

Yes they do. Most commonly called spoaring. They spread spoares in the air.

What is an arctic fern?

An arctic fern is an omnivore that hunts his food which makes him a consumer.

What do ferns not have?

spores leaves roots seeds Ferns do not have seeds.

What do ferns eat?

 It does not eat anything,it makes their own food
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How old is fern?

Fern is 49 years old
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How is a fern a fungus?

no, fern is a Pteridophyte