What is a ferrous metal?

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a ferrous metal is a metal primarily made of iron and other metals to give the correct properties
Iron is often referred to as a ferrous metal, but the word ferrous really refers to compounds containing iron. Compounds containing iron having a valance of +2 are ferrous; those compounds containing iron having a valence of +3 are ferric.
In a more general sense, ferrous metals are metals or metal alloys that contain the element iron. Steel, for example, is a ferrous metal, and there are a number of other alloys that contain iron. Use the link below for more information.
all ferrous metals are magnetic and contain a small amount of other metals to provide the correct properties
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How do you make ferrous and non-ferrous metals?

to make ferrous metal all you have to do is mix iron with a certain type of metal to make a non ferrous metal well you don't have to any metal that doesn't have iron in it

What are ferrous and non ferrous metals?

Ferrous metals are metals that contain iron, or more commonly recognised as magnetic. Non ferrous metals don't contain iron therefore aren't magnetic Ferrous materials co

What is heavier ferrous or non ferrous metal?

Ferrous metals are metallic compounds (or alloys) that contain Iron. Iron is neither the most or least dense metal. So a compound (or alloy) made of the same component metals