What is a good age to breed a female cat?

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7 years old or 5 depends
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What is a good age to breed a cat?

Cats are physically capable of reproduction as early as four or five months. However, a male cat's sperm count at this age will be much lower than that of an older cat. Person

When should female cats breed?

NEVER! Please spay your cat! There are way too many kittens that are put to sleep in shelters each year! This is true but as to when 1. they have to be over one year and 2. sp

Why does it hurt a female cat to breed?

The cats penis is covered with a kind of spurs almost. When he with draws the spiny spurs leave small little almost like cuts and it causes the female to ovulate. This is why

What age should a female cat stop breeding?

A cat can breed at about any age starting at 6 months, but on average it is best for a cat to stop breeding at 6-9 years of age. It also depends on the health of the cat.

What breed of cat is good to have as a pet?

The best one if you want to have an indoor cat, is Persian they are very calm and they have really interesting characters, they sleep a lot but remember you have to take reall

What age can a female rat be breed?

Rats can breed as early as 5 weeks of age. For the health of the rat though, it is best to wait until they are at least 7 months of age before breeding.
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What is a female horse of breeding age?

A female horse is called a Mare when it has past its foal stage. Soon after that the mare can be ready for the breeding age. A mother horse is called a Dam.