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What is a good chat website for preteen girls only?

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Kupika.com is a penpal website where you can chat
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What are good websites for preteen girls?

Roblox is a good site for pre-teens. Games and chat. See link below. For christians www.christianchicks.webs.com or if your just looking for a website to go to www.sociali

Any good websites for preteen girls?

1. addictinggames.com 2. webkinz.com 3. bored.com 4. fantage.com 5. addicting.com 6. dressup.com 7. clubpenguin.com 8. disneychannel.com 9. stardoll.com 10.

Any websites for preteen girls?

You should go to Girlsinc.com or: www.imvu.com www.piczo.com www.stardoll.com www.girlsgogames.com www.girlsense.com www.ourhollywood.webstarts.com

What is a preteen girl website?

girlsense.com girlslife.com (i LOVE that one) girlsgogames.com (that is fun too) beinggirl.com (it is more of a teenage girls guide to there health)

Which websites can preteens chat?

I would have to say Fishland and Club Penguin. I know lots of websites, Fishland, Club Penguin, Habbo, Smallworlds, Fantage, Zoho, Weeworld, well that's all I remember and if

What is a great website for preteen girls to be on?

Girltalkusa.yolasite.com its the best!!!!! or TeenNick.com If your younger, like 10 then moshimonsters.com is a great site! :) (Be sure to go on Forums) i love stardoll an

What is a good chatting website for boys and girls?

Here are websites with information about them. Fantage- It is cool! You have a virtual character that rides on hover board. You can talk to people but report them if they say