What is a good child abuse slogan?

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a child is not a doll a child is not a doll it shouldn't hurt to be a kid. dont break a heart when it's so new :(
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Child abuse slogan?

It Shouldn"t hurt to be a child- was one used by the Ad Council ( govt. propaganda mill) The subject is too serious and manifold to be easily combatted by slogans- unlike traf

What is good about child abuse?

There is nothing good about child abuse because of the emotional and sometimes physical scars that the abuser leaves behind. The abused child becomes an empty shell and a poor

Slogans on child abuse?

There are several : It shouldn"t hurt to be a child is one of the better ones, as it is deterrent in nature. there are doubtles others. The slogan mentioned assumes neutrality

Child abuse is good or bad?

BAD, OBVIOUSLY. Child abuse is a serious matter. Children have emotions, and their minds are still forming. If they are abused at such a young age, they could potentially sta

What is a bad child abuse slogan?

while not originally applied to child abuse, or even punishment, the slogan- You Only Hurt, the one you love- is horribly off-base.

Is child abuse good?

No, it is not. It's like your mom or dad or guardian beating you up just because you were crying..or maybe you said or did something wrong to them. It is not ok to abuse anyo
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Can you be a good parent as a victim of child abuse?

Yes you can be a good parent if your parents abuse you. You can have your spouse help you. You can get parenting books, seek help from a women's group that supports moms, get