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A widely accepted theory of color is based on the
idea that all colors or hues are derived from the three
primary colors-red, yellow and blue. All other colors
or hues come from mixtures of these primary colors.
Thinking about colors around you and where they
might be placed on a color wheel will help you see
color relationships.


A hue is a color in many different ways, like for example, Red has many different hues. Red has a dark hue, and a light hue
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What is the antonym of hue?

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In acrylic paint what is a hue?

In any kind of paint, ink, colored pencil or other media hue always refers to the name of the color. Red is a hue, blue is a hue, and so on.. Inexpensive acrylic paints will

What is a blue hue?

It is a hue that can be characterized by its blue color.

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The pastel hue was a subtle clue to the painter's pure intentions.

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