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A "massacre" is an event where many people are killed indiscriminately. A massacre is a slaughter of many people in the same type of religious group or race.
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What was the Mamstrassna Massacre?

Answer It was the murders of John Joyce, his wife, his daughter, his mother, his son and another young boy, who were left for dead. The murders, although quite shocking, were not as shocking as the trial itself where innocent men were convicted and hanged. The crown prosecution at the time also hel (MORE)

What was the My Lai massacre?

On March 16, 1968, My Lai Massacre, Charlie Company, 11th Brigade,is on a "search and destroy" mission in the hamlet of My Lai.Something goes horribly wrong, resulting in violent death forhundreds of unarmed civilians, including women, children, and theelderly. After one and a half years, the office (MORE)

What was the Boston Massacre?

The Boston Massacre, also known as the Incident on King Street, wasa street fight that occurred on March 5, 1770, between a "patriot"mob, throwing snowballs, stones, and sticks, and a squad of Britishsoldiers. Several colonists were killed and this led to a campaignby speech-writers to rouse the ire (MORE)

What was the Boston Massacre about?

it actually wasent a massecare there was only 5 people killed. some of the colonist got mad with all the taxing so they started to throw snowballs with hard stuff inside. then the british soldirs got mad and shot them only 5 were killed.

What was the massacre at my lai?

It's formally known as the My Lai Massacre. Being one the most known events of the Vietnam War it was were a US troop didn't just kill the Vietcong soldiers but also the civilians the man in charge, Lieutenant William Calley, was sentenced later not not for the dead but for their killers.

What is the Armenian Massacre?

More commonly called the Armenian Genocide of the Armenians, 1.5 to2 million Armenians were killed in Turkey during and just afterWorld War 1. Most of the world considers it to have been a genocidebut the modern Turkish government insists the deaths were theresult of widespread poverty and disruptio (MORE)

What was the Nanking Massacre?

Answer \n. \n. \nThe Nanking Massacre, commonly known as "The Rape of Nanking", refers to the most well-known of the war crimes committed by the Japanese military carried out by Japanese troops in and around Nanjing (also known in English as Nanking), China, after it fell to the Imperial Japane (MORE)

Why did they have the Boston massacre?

they had the Boston massacre because the people who live in Boston were bothering them the soldiers so one day the soldiers retaliated and killed people

Was the Boston massacre really a massacre?

The Boston Massacre was not really a massacre. It was a riot turned out of control. Less than 10 British soldiers who were trying to uphold the law were surrounded by a mob of angry colonists who were taunting them and throwing things at them. They were surrounded and a shot was fired. Who fired the (MORE)

When was the Armenian Massacre?

Actually when speaking about the Armenian Massacre, we are talking about series of massacres which took place under various Ottoman leadership.. The Massacre started (roughly) around 1895 under Sultan Abdul Hamid the Second's rule. The CUP (political committee) arguably continued the massacres up u (MORE)

What is the goliad massacre?

The Goliad Campaign refers to a series of battles which occurred in 1836 as part of the Texas Revolution, which ultimately led to the Goliad

What was the Armistar Massacre?

The Armistar Massacre was a massacre in armistar hence the name of the massacre, the armistar massacre. The armastarians where Indians who lived in Armistar and they where massacred at armistar during a speech about the welfare of the armistar people, in armistar. 69

Why was the Boston Massacre called a massacre?

The Boston massacre was when the colonist were calling the red coats lobster backs and the Commander there said do not fire their guns but the did not hear it right so there was a killing of 5 people that day. That is why it is called the Boston massacre. Three civilians were shot and killed and a d (MORE)

What did the Pottawatomie Massacre do?

John Brown had gone to Kansas with his sons to take part in the Kansas Missouri vote to settle if the state would be free or slave. They slaughtered settlers and wanted to blame slaves for it . The newspapers of the time called it Bleeding Kansas. It was pure terrorism what Brown and his sons commit (MORE)

What was the worst massacre?

the worst massacre was Hitler's killing of the Jews. He killed several million, so that is the biggest massacre except for war of the worlds. haha.

What is the Soweto massacre?

As it is in the words of that poignant poem by that noble bard of Africa, Monglane Wally Serote - it was a dry white season. It happened on the morning of June 16, 1976. Fifteen thousand schoolchildren gathered in Soweto, South Africa, to protest the Apartheid government's ruling that half of all cl (MORE)

What is the sharpsville massacre?

It was a peaceful protest against the apartheid in South Africa, but the government came and open fired on it killing 69 people. It was very similar to the Tienanmen Square Massacre in China.. It happened March 21, 1960

What is a sebokeng massacre?

In Sebokeng in 1991, unknown killers opened fire and killed more than 47 mourners at the night vigil of the funeral of a fellow comrade, Christopher Nangalembe. This incident came to be known as the Nangalembe Night Vigil massacre. The Sebokeng community decided to build a monument in honour of the (MORE)

What the was the Boston massacre?

The Boston Massacre was when soldiers that were ordered not to fire shot and killed five colonists when one of the soldiers got hit with a snowball by a Bostonian.

What is the Ludlow Massacre?

The ludlow massacre refers to the violent deaths of 19 people during an attack by the Colorado national guard on a tent colony of 1,200 striking coal miners and their families at Ludlow, Colorado on April 20, 1914. The deaths occurred after a daylong fight between strikers and the Guard. Two (MORE)

When is the Boston massacre?

The Boston Massacre was when soldiers that were ordered not to fire shot and killed 5 colonists when a soldier was hit with a snowball by a Bostonian.

What was the Boston massacrer?

Answer: Tensions began to mount within the city of Boston in the spring of 1770, for there were rumors that British soldiers were going to take over the town, and govern the city by military rule. On March 5, 1770, some boys began hurling snowballs and stones at a small group of soldiers. Bell (MORE)

Why was the Boston Massacre a massacre?

Well technically it wasnt a massacre, but it was because the British troops fired and killed 5 colonists. If you look at the picture of the Boston Massacre Paul Revere drew it is propaganda, but is what a massacre looks like.

How do you be a massacre for Halloween?

you could get a white t-shirt and out red paint all over it in a splatter paint way, then u could get an old pair if beat-up and dirty jeans, and then get a mask like of a face of someone famous so it brings a little humor and then a fake chain saw or weapon

Was the Boston massacre a real massacre?

No!!! Only 5 people died. It was the American's fault. We were causing a fight and the British troops thought they heard fire and shot into the crowd. But, it was definitely NOT a massacre.

When was the massacre at goliad?

October 9th, of 1836! I know i am so right cause if you search up "When did the goliad massacre begin" then it would pop up as "October 9, 1836! so.....i know i am still cool!! :-)

What is a sentence for massacre?

Depends who does the massacre. the one who kills, injures,massacres...its a sort of of killing. But if oneis a victim..its so difficult. Its a suffereing.

The massacre of the romanovs?

On July 17, 1918, The Romanov family was taken to the basement of the Ipatiev House where they were being kept captive. The guards told them that they needed a picture of them, but then a large firing squad entered the basement and shot them. Nicholas II died first after he was shot in the head. The (MORE)

Who did the Mormons massacre?

Perhaps you are thinking of the Mountain Meadows Massacre? I wouldn't really say that "The Mormons" participated, as it was only a small group of Mormon men, not ALL Mormons, that were involved. In Mountain Meadows, a small group of Mormon men and Paiute Native Americans, which made up the local mil (MORE)

Who is johnny massacre?

Johnny Massacre is the creator of the Twin Vulcan brand. He is a DJ, music producer, rapper, punk vocalist and novelist. He is the sole creator of Twin Vulcan's first music release, the anthem that is Ultrasound . He suffers from manic depression. His interests are women, alcohol, cigarettes and mu (MORE)

What was the Sharpeville massacre?

The Sharpeville Massacre, also known as the Sharpeville shootings, occurred on 21 March 1960, when South African police opened fire on a crowd of black protesters, killing 69 people. The confrontation occurred in the township of Sharpeville, in what is now Gauteng province..

What is the hamburg Massacre?

the hamburg m. was when barack obama and abramah lincoln came together and had tea while millions of people were killed only miles away from their location.

Why was the Boston massacre called a 'massacre'?

It was propaganda. Paul Revere engraved the picture with the British soldiers firing on the innocent crowd to revive anti-British feelings. His efforts were not successful. Most Bostonians blamed the incident on the mob that harassed the soldiers, which is why all of the soldiers involved except two (MORE)

Why was the Armenian massacred?

Firstly, because they were Christian and not Muslim like the Turks. Secondly, becuase they were in the way of the Young Turks Party's plans to make the Ottoman Empire Pan-Turkic.

Why Boston massacre was not a massacre?

The Boston massacre wasn't a massacre because a massacre is when Innocent people die. But this happened because around 400 people were throwing snowballs and chunks of ice at some soldiers. basically, the soldiers got mad and shot into the mob. It got it's name because people then hated the British (MORE)

What is my lai massacred?

The mass murder of at least 347 unarmed South Vietnamese non-combatant civilians on March 16, 1968 by a United States Army company.

What was the massacre about?

The Coniston massacre , which took place from 14 August to 18 October 1928 near the Coniston cattle station, Northern Territory , Australia , was the last known massacre of Indigenous Australians . People of the Warlpiri , Anmatyerre and Kaytetye groups were killed. The massacre occurred (MORE)

What was he Boston massacre?

The Boston Massacre happened in the 1700's, when we were at war with Great Britain. Anyways what happen was a redcoat (British Solder) accidentally shot his gun and everyone thought an American shot his gun and everyone killed everyone, 5 people were killed including 1 black man named Christopher. H (MORE)

Who was the amritsar massacre?

The Amritsar Massacre , also know as the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre was a groundbreaking event in the British rule of the subcontinent. It took place on the 13th of April, 1919. In it, a crowd of non-violence protesters gathered in the Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar. On the order of the Brigadier-General (MORE)

What is the noun for massacre?

The word 'massacre' is both a verb and a noun. The noun 'massacre' is a singular, common, abstract noun; aword for the brutal slaughter of a number of people or things. Examples: The raid on the fort ended in a massacre . (noun) The troops conquered the town and set out to massacre thecitizens (MORE)

What is the Marzabotto massacre?

Towards the end of 1943, the Allies invaded southern Italy.Mussolini was removed from power by the Italian government (Italystill had a king at the time- but he had mostly sat back and letMussolini run things) and arrested. However, Germany's powerfulmilitary occupied most of northern Italy, and Ger (MORE)

What was the Marzabotto massacre?

The Marzabotto massacre was a horrible massacre that occured fromSeptember 29th to October 5, 1944 in a village in Marzabotto, Italythat thousands of Italian civilians (men, elderly, women, childrenand babies) were killed by the Nazis at their homes, churches or incemeteries either by machine guns, (MORE)