What is a preliminary sketch?

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a type of paper used to sketch ideas
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What is sketching?

The process of drawing visual connections between your main topicand your thoughts and ideas

How do you sketch?

ummmm.... well, its the same as drawing except its rougher.

What is Preliminary interview?

A preliminary interview is a way for a boss to get to know a personand can gauge whether they will be a good fit for a company. Thepreliminary interview may discuss education

What are preliminary expenses?

Preliminary expenses are any cost incurred when starting a company.The cost of the location, hiring employees, and fees for anattorney are considered preliminary expenses.

What can you sketch?

people abstract ideas landscapes cartoons scenery So really you can sketch anything u like....its all up to you.

What are preliminary crimes?

Preliminary is an action or preceding for something more important.A preliminary crimes are events that have taken place before acrime.

What is Preliminary Expenses?

All the expenses which a business incurred from start of businessto actual start of operations of revenue generating activity ofbusiness is called preliminary expenses.

What is preliminary control?

hmm.dis type of contr0l which identifies major problems before they occur.it is pre-emptive and focuses on the preventions of deviations in planning,organizing.staffing and mo
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How do artists use preliminary sketches?

Preliminary sketches are used by artists for many reasons. Often they are used to work out problems with composition. They are also used as practice. The sketches can also be
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What is a Preliminary Crime?

There is no such chargeable criminal offense , rather it is a description of certain actions which MAY take place PRIOR to an actual offense being attempted or consumated.
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Is preliminary a noun?

The word preliminary is both a noun and an adjective . The noun preliminary is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for an action or event preceding or preparing for