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A primate city is the largest city in an area. Countries that have a primate city depend on that city for political, cultural, economic, and transportation needs.
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What is a primate city?

A primate city is a city twice as large as the next biggest city inthat country.

Is New York a primate city?

Yes New York City is a primate city. Chicago and Los Angeles arealso primate cities in the United States.

What is Canada's primate city?

Toronto is Canada's primate city. With a population of almost 2.7million people it is Canada's most populated city and fourth mostpopulated city in North America. It is also C

What is Florida's primate city?

I believe Florida doesn't have a primate city. To be a primate city, the city must produce double the GDP and double the population of any other city in that region.

What is the primate city of Brazil?

Brazil has no primate city. São Paulo is the largest city withabout 19,000,000 inhabitants within it's metropolitan area (about10% of the total population of the country).

Is Mexico City a primate city?

Yes, Mexico City is a primate city (its the capital of Mexico and it has more than twice the population of Mexico's second largest city, Guadalajara).
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Is Ulaanbaatar a primate city?

Yes; Ulaanbaatar is the largest and capital city in Mongolia and has more than twice the population of the second largest city, Erdenet.
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What are the Primate cities of the Middle East?

Some cities include: Abu Dhabi, UAE ;Dubai, UAE; Istanble (formerly Constantnople), Turkey; Mecca, Saudi Arabia; and Baghdad, Iraq check the link for a full list of cities