What is a quantum leap?

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A quantum leap In physics, a quantum leap or jump is the change of an electron from one energy state to another within an atom. It is discontinuous; electrons jump from one energy level to another instantaneously, with no intervening or intermediary condition. The phenomenon contradicts classical theories, which expect energy levels to be continuous. Quantum leaps are the sole cause of the emission of electromagnetic radiation, including light, which occurs in the form of quantized units called photons. Ironically, when laymen use the term colloquially, they use it to describe large jumps in progress, when in reality a quantum leap is a very small change of state.
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What is quantum leap compared to change?

Change can happen over time, a quantum leap does not. The expression: a quantum leap comes from physics and refers to the orbit of electrons around the nucleus. The electrons cannot be anywhere but have to be in distinct energy regions. So for an electron to change orbit it must leap to the (MORE)

What is the relationship between a photon and a quantum leap?

When a quantum leap occurs, a single photon is emitted. A "quantum leap" is generally used in the context of "business-speak" or "politico-speak" where the speaker is implying that some event, or process, or decision represents a large change of great significance.

Is there going to be a quantum leap movie?

Sadly not :( i really wish they would but lets face it Scott Backula and Dean Stockwell are getting kind of old and the fan population has depleted over the years. 08/06/2010-Scott Bakula announced at comic.con that a movie is in the works with Bellasario

Who was shot with a blank and died in quantum leap?

The show was not Quantum Leap, but there was an actor who died on the set of a `time traveling` weekly tv series. I think it was called Voyager, not ` Star Trek Voyager. The actor`s name escapes me at the moment, but he was the adult lead of the show. ... Waggle50

Does Sam Beckett ever go home in an episode of 'Quantum Leap'?

In the Season 4 premiere- Sam actually ends up back in his own timeafter lightning strikes making him the hologram and Al the leaper.He is his actual self in 1999 and learns he has a wife. His staffstarts trying to find a way to help him rescue Al which latercauses him to have to start leaping aroun (MORE)

How did the TV show 'Quantum Leap' end?

Dr. Sam Beckett is himself in the final episode on the very day hewas born. He is in a bar in Pennsylvania where he sees a bunch ofguys who all look like somebody he had met during his leaps. Thebartender is named Al just like the hologram and possibly is theone who had been leaping him around. He k (MORE)

Does God ever show him or herself on Quantum Leap?

This is something that is really open to your own interpretation. Throughout the series, no, God does not appear, nor is He openly represented. However, in the final episode, Dr. Beckett meets the character of the bartender named Al. This character provided Dr. Beckett with some unique insights and (MORE)

Was quantum leap cancelled?

Yes, it was cancelled right in the middle of a cliff hanger. Because they had to just cancel it quick it was a bad ending where sam never gets home.

What happens to an electron during a quantum leap?

during a quantum leap an electron transitions from one quantum energy signature to another energy signature by absorbing or admitting a photon of energy in this process the electron simultaneously transitions directly from one electron shell level to a higher or lower electron shell level without mo (MORE)

What is quantum leaping?

Quantum leaping is the premise behind Quantum Leap the TV program. Its just a made up phenomenon of time travel by swapping bodies with other people at various times within the leapers lifetime. This is of course impossible.