What is a scientist called who studies rivers?

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A potamologist
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What are scientists who study Earth called?

There are many forms of earth science, and therefore many names forthose who study aspects of earth--geologists, geophysicsscientists, ecologists, hydrologists, sedimentologists, and more.

What do you call a scientist that studies the stars?

A scientist who studies stars as a career is called an astronomer. If he specialises in the physics of the stars, he would be an astrophysicist. A person who studies the stars is called an astronomer. Theypartake in the branch of study that is called astronomy.

What is a scientist who studies heredity called?

A scientist who studies heredity is called a geneticist. Geneticists study genetics in general, which includes heredity. A scientist that studies heredity is called a geneticist. Theystudy general genetics. Heredity is the genetic transfer ofcharacteristics from generation to another.

What do you call a scientist who studies whales?

Cetology is the branch of marine science associated with the study of cetaceans, which is the order that contains whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Logically, a scientist who studies whales is therefore a cetologist.

Scientists who study the culture are called?

Sociology may include studying culture, but overall it is the study of society. Socialists are members of a socialist political platform. Anthropology is the study of humanity and Anthropologists study culture more than your previous answers sociologists and socialists.

What do you call a scientist who studies the development of language?

A scientist who studies language is known as a Linguist. Linguists may specialize in some sub-area of linguistic structure, which can be arranged in the following terms, from form to meaning:. Phonetics , the study of the physical properties of speech (or signed) production and perception . Phonol (MORE)

What do you call scientists who study ancient civilizations?

Archaeologists . Archaeology:-. 1. the scientific study of historic or prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, and other such remains, esp. those that have been excavated. 2. Rare . ancient history; the study of antiquity.

Scientists who study energy are called?

A scientist would probably be a physicist or a chemist, but engineers can also study energy, and designing heat engines would be an engineers job. A specialist in this field would be a thermodynamicist.

What is a scientist called that studies animals?

Biologist, Zoologist, or a number of other titles for speciesspecific studies such as ornithology which is the study of birdsand monkeys that are cute and cuddley and are loving animals A scientisit who studies animals is called a zoologist, and thestudy of animals is zoology.

Why are scientists who study the structure and function of cells called microbiologists?

Scientists who study the structure and function of cells are called microbiologists because the cells are very tiny and cannot be seen with the naked eye, but with a microscope. Microbiology describes the study of microscopic organisms - microorganisms - and their effects. A microorganism is a life (MORE)

What is a scientist that studies fire called?

Archaeology . Archaeology , archeology , or archæology (from Greek ἀρχαιολογία, archaiologia - ἀρχαῖος, archaīos , "primal, ancient, old"; and -λογία, -logia ) is the science that studies human cultures throug (MORE)

What is a scientist called that studies the supernatural?

-An oxymoron -A scientist cannot study the supernatural itself unless the supernatural is quantifiable and directly observable. This is not to say, though, that a scientist cannot discover truths about reality that point to the existence of the supernatural.

What do you call a scientist who studies soil?

Most people, including soil scientists, call them 'soil scientist.' There are also two terms that exist that I rarely hear used: edaphologist - This is a soil scientist who studies soil as a medium for plant growth. This includes specialists in soil fertility and soil management, for example. pedo (MORE)

What do you call a scientist who studies religion?

There is no special name for scientists who study religion. Theyare still scientists by profession and education. There arescientists who follow or even study religion. Some scientists suchas astronomers, physicist and anthropologists manage to reconcilecreationism with the big bang. A person making (MORE)

What are scientists who study weather called?

Atmospheric Scientists study weather, ozone, climate change andpollution of the atmosphere. . Climatologists study climates. . Meteorologists study the atmosphere and weather. . Operational Meteorologists forecast the weather. . Physical Meteorologists study the properties of the atmosphere,the (MORE)

What is it called when a scientist study science?

The suffix ology means the study of however there isn't a wordscienceology. More specific sciences do have this suffix applied tothem such as biology (the study of life), ecology (the study ofecosystems, geology (the study of the earth) are a few examples.

What are scientists who study about space called?

astronomers!!!!! There are many different fields withing research into space all with specific names and job roles. Some include: Cosmologists Astronomers Plantologists "Space Scientist" Various engineering roles connected with space missions just to name a few :/

What do you call the scientists that study fossils?

Scientists who study fossils are known as paleontologists . Scientists who study fossils are known as paleontologists. A paleontologist who studies dinosaurs may be a vertebrate paleontologist or a macro paleontologist.

What do you call a scientist who studies the moon?

Several scientists study the moon, all in different ways. A lunargeologist studies the rocks on the moon and how the different areasof the moon formed. A physicist studies the orbit of the moon andhow it affects the earth.

What do you call a scientist who studies tissues?

The study of tissue is known as histology or histopathology (if thetissue is diseased), a branch of anatomy. Therefore a scientificprofessional who studies this subject would be call a histologist.