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sensor is basically a device which detects and converts your signal of interest into a measurable or observable quantity (mostly an electrical signal). Say for example, a pressure sensor detects pressure and converts it into an electrical output which can be further processed for actuation or to be displayed.
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Where is fan sensor?

Somewhere on the block, try gooseneck attached to upper hose or proximiny. Remeber it threads into water jacket somewhere.

What is a knock sensor and where it is?

  Knock sensor "listens" to the engine for the sound made by the engine when the octane level of the gasoline it is burning is too low for the current operating conditions

Where is the iat sensor?

it should be in the air intake box, i beleave on the right side of the engine compartment, or it may be before the box (the bit with the air filter) normally after or on the i

What are the magnetic sensors?

The simplest detection of a magnetic field is done by another magnet. Or by an apparatus such as a Fluxgate magnetometer or similar.

What type of sensor is a knock sensor?

A knock sensor is a piezoresistive sensor whose signal is varied by the amount of force or pressure applied to it.

What is a sensor and what is a smart sensor?

A sensor is a device which responds to a certain cindition or state and responds to it, however the output signal of the sensor is quite low and sometimes unmeasureable. A sma

What is the crankshaft sensor?

A crankshaft sensor senses the engine revolutions to basically tells the the car when 2 inject and ignite the fuel

What is the sensor?

Which "sensor" are you asking about? I have many in my truck beginning with the seat-belt sensor that says if I have buckled-up or not.

What sensors does the robot have?

The sensors that an engineer puts on a robot are entirely dependent upon the functions that the engineer perceives that the the robot will be called upon to perform. Some, b

What is a Crank sensor and cam sensor?

a CKP or crank sensor provides the PCM with a crankshaft position signal. The PCM uses the signal to determine the firing order for each cylinder. a CMP or cam sensor is very

What sensors do robots have?

Robotic devices can have whatever sensors the designer WANTS them to have. A robotic device can be as simple as performing a basic operation, such as swinging an arm through

What is an OD sensor?

An OD sensor determines when your vehicle is in overdrive. If the  overdrive light comes on in your vehicle, then there may be a  problem with the transmission.

What is a sensor net?

A sensor is a device or mechanism for detecting and quantifying a  phenomena. It can be mechanical, electronic, biological, etc.   A sensor net is a network or array of s