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sensor is basically a device which detects and converts your signal of interest into a measurable or observable quantity (mostly an electrical signal). Say for example, a pressure sensor detects pressure and converts it into an electrical output which can be further processed for actuation or to be displayed.
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What is a sensor and what is a smart sensor?

A sensor is a device which responds to a certain cindition or state and responds to it, however the output signal of the sensor is quite low and sometimes unmeasureable. A sma

What is an ECT Sensor?

The ECT sensor is usually the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor. Most modern cars have such a sensor to advise the ECM/PCM about the operating temperature of the engine. Ford

What is a sensor device?

  a device that measures something, it implies that the information is sent someplace. (perhaps the computer that runs your car)

What is a sensor bar?

  The sensor bar on the Nintendo Wii is the element that reads the signals being transmitted by the "wiimote". This sensor bar can be placed either on top of or below the

What is a Crank sensor and cam sensor?

a CKP or crank sensor provides the PCM with a crankshaft position signal. The PCM uses the signal to determine the firing order for each cylinder. a CMP or cam sensor is very

What is the sensor?

Which "sensor" are you asking about? I have many in my truck beginning with the seat-belt sensor that says if I have buckled-up or not.

What does a sensor do?

A sensor is used to measure data from the environment and is able to convert them into signals to be communicated with a system. Most sensors are used to measure light, temper

What is a sensor net?

A sensor is a device or mechanism for detecting and quantifying a  phenomena. It can be mechanical, electronic, biological, etc.   A sensor net is a network or array of s