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When a member of an organizaiton is set up to appear to be an informer in order to get that person killed or to instigate some organizational disruption or split. This counter-intelligence tactic was carried out by the FBI COINTELPRO program against members of radical political organization such as the Black Panther Party.
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Is 50 Cent a snitch?

No, there is no proof it was a rumour made up by Ja Rule because Ja was beefing with 50 Cent from 1999-2007 and severely losing until he eventually lost. Then Game picked this "50 Cent is a snitch" slogan up when he turned his back on 50 Cent because they had a fallen out over musical credits. I gu (MORE)

What is a snitch?

A snitch is someone who will rattle you out, in other words someone who will always tell on you for your wrong doings. Even if you didn't mean it they'll tell. There also called an informer; taddletale.

In Harry Potter what is a golden snitch?

It is a flying golden ball that is part of a wizards game called Quidditch. The seeker, one of the players on the quidditch team, tries to capture the snitch to end the game. The snitch is worth (i think) 150 points. Most commonly if you catch the snitch you win the game. The snitch is created in a (MORE)

Why do people snitch?

Because they are cowards with no pride that believe the officials when they tell them they will lessen their sentence if they "snitch" because they are just a witch with a b

Is a little sister a snitch?

Yes, little sisters are snitches because they are always jealous of the person they are snitching on (telling on)...

Huggy lowdown celebrity snitch?

Huggy Lowdown the Celebrity Snitch is a comedian who is based inWashington, DC. He is often heard on the Tom Joyner show talkingabout celebrities.

What did 50 cent snitch on the game for?

50 Cent Ain't a Snitch Its Just A rumor People Made To Make Beef And Gang War break Out...or something i don't even know But don't be so Gullible about what you hear..But Money Changes people so....I don' Know My self Go ask 50 Cent himself.... No, he did not snitch on the game. 50 cent h (MORE)

What is inside the snitch in the deathly hollows?

The snitch read '' I open at the close " when Harry put it up to his mouth. Well, the snitch opened at the end of his adventure... "the close" of his adventure... inside of the snitch held one of the horcruxes... one that Albus Dumbledore found and destroyed. The ring. It also was a Deathly Hallow. (MORE)

How do you use snitch in a sentence?

Snitch is a nick name for nose Got to scratch the itch on my snitch. When Billy told teacher that we had been teasing him we called he a snitch. Another usage: Peter caught the Snitch, and earned his Quidditch team 150 points; however, they still lost because their Chasers and Keeper suck.

What does snitch mean?

A snitch is someone who tells or tattles on someone else's wrongdoings. It's an insult.

What is the origin of the word snitch?

the snitch was named after the bird it replaced in Qudditch, as 1stly a bird called the Golden Snidget which was them same but alive. after a while the bird became rare as they kept getting killed so they designed a "robot" to replce it , be exactly the same but could'nt be killed

Does golden snitch mean you win?

No. When the golden snitch is captured the game ends and the team of the seeker who captured it wins 150 points. Meaning that if the other team has an advantage of more than 150 points they win.

Im being called a snitch but I didnt snitch on anybody?

If they do call you a snitch, don't feel the need to prove the people wrong - don't admit to it just say something like ' I'm not and you know I'm not but you believe whatever helps you sleep at night.' Also don't show reaction if you can help it. Those type of people normally feed on your reaction (MORE)

Who snitched about the secret annex?

Nobody knows even till this very day. There are three suspects though. One is a worker, Willem van Maaren who had Gestapo connections; Lena van Bladeren-Hartog, the wife of van Maaren's assistant who knew there were Jews hiding in the annexe; and Tonny Ahlers, a Dutch Nazi who knew Mr. Frank.

Is it bad to snitch?

Yes because their is no point of getting someone introuble if youcan fix it yourself. So if a relativ hits you, you shouldnt snitchbecause its not worth it. just fight back

When does Harry Potter open the snitch?

He opens it in Chapter 34, The Forest Again, by whispering "I am about to die" into the Snitch, which opens. If you are looking for the date, however, it was May 2nd, in the middle of the night, probably around 3 or 4 am, but I am not sure the precise time.

Who snitched on the Anne Frank and her family?

There are a few suspects. One is Lena van Bladeren Hartog a cleaning lady who worked the offices beneath the secret annex. Another is Willem Van Maaren, a warehouse employee, who asked about the annex to the warehouse boss then asked for a raise. This is thought to be him asking for a bribe. The las (MORE)

Did BMF snitch?

Yes he was a cooperating witness in the preliminary trial of his Mexican Cocaine connection.

When did Harry Potter catch the snitch?

Harry Potter was a very talented Quidditch player so he caught insnitch in most matches he played. The only book that doesn'tfeature Quidditch is the fourth and seventh book.

How do you feel about someone who snitches?

Well it all depends. If they were only doing it over something small to seek favor, I may just find a new friend. Maybe you shouldn't have been doing whatever you were doing, but overall, you need to be able to trust your friends. If they were telling because they thought they were actually helpi (MORE)

Is the snitch a Horcrux?

No, the snitch carries the resurrection stone inside it. The resurrection stone is one of the three Deathly Hallows and was found hidden inside Marvolo Gaunt's ring - one of Lord Voldemort's Horcruxes which Albus Dumbledore destroyed in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince using the sword of (MORE)

How do you find out if someone is a snitch?

by a person asking you to much questions, like what do you do for fun where do you work where do you stay, how many girlfriends have you had, who are your friends, even watch out for things like, if they are saying your name out loud, while they are in front of you, people out of the blue asking you (MORE)

What is in the golden snitch?

A mecanism that remembers the feeling of the touch of the first person who catches it. In case your mean the golden snitch that Dumbledore gives Harry Potter in his will (the first snitch Harry ever catched) it has inside the second deathly hallow, the stone that brings people back from death.

What is the snitch for Harry Potter?

The Golden Snitch , often referred to as simply the Snitch , is a small golden ball the approximate size of a walnut (roughly 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter). It is used in the fictional sport quidditch, which was created for the harry potter books. In the films, the wings on the Snitch are gold, alt (MORE)

What was in Harry Potter's golden snitch?

The resurrection stone, one of the three Deathly Hallows, washidden inside the snitch. Albus Dumbledore hid the stone in the snitch knowing only Harrywould be able to open it and retrive the stone. He charmed it sothat it would open when Harry was about to die, allowing hisparents, Remus and Sirius (MORE)

Who are the Snitch Killaz?

A hip hop rap group based out of the south side of Durham North Carolina. The group consist of two members Flub and Double C

What jackets are in?

The best Jacket mainly made of duck's down,goose down for down jacket .If facet ,best quality Jacket is Moncler,i bought Moncler Bomber jacket last year,it is very comfortable and lightly.

Is Lauren brock a snitch?

yes yes she is she ratted on her lil sis about her phone and got her phone taken away what a baby

How do you get revenge on the class snitch?

Forget it. You will just get into trouble and since you ask this question I suspect you have all ready been in trouble. This is not good and revenge in never good.I suggest you "chill out" and start thinking about school rather than revenge since it is a waste of time and energy.

How do you catch the snitch on Pottermore on the iPod?

The orginal Pottermore website was designed only for desktop, so you may experience some issues when browsing with an iPod. To collect the snitch you had to click on it when it came to a rest point. In September 2015, Pottermore was redesigned and relaunched. The original concept of following and (MORE)

Who snitched on Lily Potter?

Severus Snape was the person who overheard part of the prophecy andinformed Lord Voldemort of it. Once he reaslised Lily, the woman healways loved, was in danger. He told Albus Dumbledore so he couldprotect the Potter's. They went into hiding and used the Fidelius Charm which requirestrusting someo (MORE)

Who starred in the 2013 film 'Snitch'?

In the 2013 film Snitch the following starred: Dawyne Johnson, Barry Pepper, John Bernthal, Susan Sarandon, Rafi Gavron, JD Pardo, Lela Loren and many more.

How is it better not to snitch on a crime?

Informing on actual crime is not being a snitch. The term snitch applies more to people who make up stuff on people. In the long run, not reporting crime only makes matters worse. However, here are typical reasons people don't report criminal activity: 1. They live in the same area as the suspect (MORE)

What is the definition of snitching?

According to 'Partridges Dictionary of Slang' it means "to purloinor pilfer something" - in other words sneaky theft. - when I was in school it also meant to tell on someone.

What are the ratings and certificates for Snitch - 2013 I?

Snitch - 2013 I is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13 Canada:PG (Ontario) Germany:12 Hong Kong:IIB Hungary:16 India:U/A Ireland:12A Japan:PG12 Mexico:B Netherlands:12 New Zealand:M Peru:14 Philippines:PG-13 Portugal:M/12 Singapore:NC-16 South Korea:15 UK:1 (MORE)

Why is zain khan being a snitch?

Bollywood is a very famous industry. It has many celebrities like shah Rukh khan. These celebs are given the respect they deserve hi.