What is a vivid word?

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A vivid word is a better word for other word like its a better meaning not a baby meaning

for example: good: amazing,fantastic,

tasty: mouth watering, scarunsues
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Where can you find a list of vivid words?

Pain Alarm delight euphoria pride Fear Distraught Disgust Annoyance Envy Jealousy Bitterness Tired Exhausted Frustrated Depression Disappointment E

What is vivid words?

Such words are strong and distinct are are able to form striking mental images

What words rhyme with vivid?

clivid is a name of person and u can rhyme it as one day i saw colors that were very vivid which reminded me of my friend clivid who worn very colored shorts and had a
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What are vivid words that create imagery?

Vivid words that create imagery are words that are descriptive. Instead of saying a villain is "bad," say the villain is "malevolent." Replace simple words like 'sad,' 'said,'
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What is a vivid word for like?

treasure, prize, adore, esteem When you need to find other words that have similar meanings youcould try a search on thesaurus.com.