What is a vivid word?

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A vivid word is a better word for other word like its a better meaning not a baby meaning

for example: good: amazing,fantastic,

tasty: mouth watering, scarunsues
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What is vivid words?

Such words are strong and distinct are are able to form striking mental images

Another word for vivid?

Vivid means powerful and evocative imagery or something that isseen extremely clear. Other words for vivid are detailed, rich,clear, colorful, and realistic.

What is the meaning of vivid word choice?

A "vivid word choice" means you picked very descriptive or vivid words as adjectives (descriptors). Vivid words are mostly associated with adjectives, but strong verbs can als

How do you use the word vivid in a scentence?

I have vivid memories of the day my grandad died. He's a creative child with a very vivid imagination. It was surprising to see her in a plain, beige dress because she us

What is a vivid word for like?

treasure, prize, adore, esteem When you need to find other words that have similar meanings youcould try a search on thesaurus.com.