What is an a name record in dns?

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An A record is typically the IP address of the hosting account, it directs the domain to the files on the hosting account.

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How do you manually create SRV records in DNS?

this is on windows server go to run ---> dnsmgmt.msc rightclick on the zone you want to add srv record to and choose "other new record" and choose service location(sr

What is a C name record in DNS?

Sometimes it is useful to be able to access a server (or any host) by using a name other than its DNS host name. For example, you have an Application Server whose DNS confi

How does DNS improve the name resolution?

The clear advantage of DNS is that it makes it easy for us to remember the names of websites by converting or displaying the IP addresses(that are in numbers) in understandabl

What is DNS record types?

There are so many records available in DNS. 1. A record 2. Cname record 3. TXT record 4. MX record 5. SOA record 6. Ptr record 7. Dname record To know more a

What What is the purpose of resource records in DNS?

The resource records are created to help dns work like zone ,ip to name vice versa. there are 23 types of resource record types defined for dns. DNS Record Types A full

A DNS translates a domain name into what?

DNS translates a domain name into an access IP. Every website is hosted on an IP, the DNS servers tell your computer where a particular domain is hosted.

What DNS resource record type identifies the resource authoritative name server?

SOA Resource Records Every zone contains a Start of Authority (SOA) resource record at the beginning of the zone. SOA resource records include the following fields: *