What is an a name record in dns?

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An A record is typically the IP address of the hosting account, it directs the domain to the files on the hosting account.

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What is dns?

DNS stands for Domain Name System: A system of servers located throughout the internet that handle internet connections and the routing of email.

How do you get your dns?

In a command window type: "ipconfig /all" (without the quotation marks but with a space in front of the slash) there you can read a number of things such as IP number, MAC address, and the DNS should...

How do you manually create SRV records in DNS?

this is on windows server go to run ---> dnsmgmt.msc rightclick on the zone you want to add srv record to and choose "other new record" and choose service location(srv)..... wondyrad

DNS record types describe the most important ones?

Type of Record What it does . A (Host) Classic resource record. Maps hostname to IP(ipv4). PTR Maps IP to hostname (Reverse of A (Host). AAAA Maps hostname to ip (ipv6). Cname Canonical name, in plain English an alias.such as . Web Server,FTP Server, Chat Server. NS Identifies DNS nam (MORE)

What is a C name record in DNS?

Sometimes it is useful to be able to access a server (or any host) by using a name other than its DNS host name. For example, you have an Application Server whose DNS configuration is as follows:. Host Name Domain Name. --------- -------------. myserver mydomain.com. You have also setu (MORE)

What is an dns?

Domain Name Service :Network service use to tcp/ip network to translated host name to ip address.

What is primary dns and secondary dns?

it is a small personal code for your computer and other home appliances you can find it by clicking run on the start menu then type command and press enter then type inpgof. hope you find what you want from Michael gumbo

How does DNS improve the name resolution?

The clear advantage of DNS is that it makes it easy for us to remember the names of websites by converting or displaying the IP addresses(that are in numbers) in understandable names.

What is the meaning of DN in DN 50?

It stands for Deutsches Normung=German standard and usually applies to dimensional information in the metric system. Hence DN50 is for 50mm.

Name some ways to secure a DNS server against attack?

In order to secure a DNS server against attacks, one keep theresolver protected and private. Other steps involve using randomsource ports, randomizing the letters of the domain name andrandomizing the query ID.

What is the name of the control panel applet that is used to set dns and dhcp settings?

DNS and DHCP Management are both Administrative Tools. DNS Management is run from the DNS MMC snap in. This can be accessed by using the Run commend, and inputting: dnsmgmt.msc DHCP Management is run from the DHCP MMC snap in. This can be accessed by using the Run commend, and inputting: dhcpmgmt. (MORE)

What is DNS record types?

There are so many records available in DNS. 1. A record 2. Cname record 3. TXT record 4. MX record 5. SOA record 6. Ptr record 7. Dname record To know more about these records visit http://www.serverintellect.com/support/dns/dns-records.aspx . If you have any queries regarding thes (MORE)

What is dns sever?

Without the DNS server you would have to know the IP address of every computer you are communicating with. DNS exists to resolve the names of computers to IP addresses. It also aids in locating services on a network.

What are the three components of DNS named?

DNS COMPONENTS: The DNS consists of three components. The first is a "Name Space" that establishes the syntactical rules for creating and structuring legal DNS names. The second is a "Globally Distributed Database" implemented on a network of "Name Servers". The third is "Resolver" software, whic (MORE)

What is the difference between an SOA and a NS record in DNS?

SOA 6 RFC 1035 Start of Authority. Defines the zone name, an e-mail contact and various time and refresh values applicable to the zone. NS 2 RFC 1035 Name Server. Defines the authoritative name server(s) for the domain (defined by the SOA record) or the subdomain.

What What is the purpose of resource records in DNS?

The resource records are created to help dns work like zone ,ip to name vice versa. there are 23 types of resource record types defined for dns. DNS Record Types A full list of DNS Record Types may be obtained from IANA DNS Parameters. . RR . Value . RFC . Description . http://wiki.ans (MORE)

What type of DNS resource record is used to identify an email server?

MX Resource Records The mail exchange (MX) resource record specifies a mail exchange server for a DNS domain name. A mail exchange server is a host that will either process or forward mail for the DNS domain name. Processing the mail means either delivering it to the addressee or passing it to a di (MORE)

How would you instruct a Linux system to use the local networks dns cache located at or the isps dns cache located on if the lan name server is unavailable?

If your linux box acquire address automatically from your router then your computer already is using dns cache located at your router. Router is in almost all cases already using ISP DNS. If you use static IP and some different DNS and you want to change it back to you can use it pro (MORE)

Which record is the first record created for a zone on a DNS Server?

Start of Authority (SOA) is the first record in the zone file. It contains the name of the primary DNS Server, which must correspond to an Name Server (NS) record in the file, the administrator's e-mail address and the length of time records can be cached before going back to the authoritative DNS s (MORE)

What term describes the length of time for which a dns record is valid?

Time-to-Live (TTL) The DNS System powers the Internet as we know it today and is responsible for converting domain names into IP addresses and for placing them on the correct hosting server. But the DNS system would have been just a theoretical concept, if TTL was not presented. TTL is an acron (MORE)

What term describes the length of time for which a DNS record is valid after which is needs to be re-registered?

Time-to-Live (TTL) The DNS System powers the Internet as we know it today and is responsible for converting domain names into IP addresses and for placing them on the correct hosting server. But the DNS system would have been just a theoretical concept, if TTL was not presented. TTL is an acron (MORE)

Which commmand is used to find DNS server's information about a domain name?

Find All Name Servers GOALS: Find every name server that may be authoritative for your domain. Make sure that all are authoritative, and that WHOIS has a list of all of them (and no others). BACKGROUND: Every domain name is required to have a primary nameserver (only one), and at least one seco (MORE)

How can DNS distinguish between an IP version 4 and IPv6 host in determining which resource record to return?

Windows Embedded CE resolves host names into IPv6 addresses via queries to a DNS or WINS server, or via IPv6 link local multicast. Queries sent to DNS servers are performed over IPv6 and IPv4. Queries sent to WINS servers are performed over IPv4 even though they may return IPv6 addresses. To use (MORE)

Which types of DNS zone records are listed in the reverse lookup zone file?

n most DNS lookups, clients typically perform a forward lookup, which is a search based on the DNS name of another computer as stored in an address (A) resource record. This type of query expects an IP address as the resource data for the answered response. DNS also provides a reverse lookup pro (MORE)

What DNS resource record type identifies the resource authoritative name server?

SOA Resource Records Every zone contains a Start of Authority (SOA) resource record at the beginning of the zone. SOA resource records include the following fields: * The Owner , TTL , Class , and Type fields, as described in "Resource Record Format" earlier in this chapter. * The auth (MORE)

What are the objectives of the DNS name resolution project?

Quoting the Windows Server 2008 Administrator Microsoft Official Academic Course: The objectives of the name resolution project were as follows: - To create a means for administrators to assign host names to their computers without duplicating the names of other systems - To store the host names (MORE)

What process converts DNS names into IP addresses?

The process of converting a domain to IP address allows the system to access the DNS via resolver. The resolver then gets the domain name and goes back to the IP address or gets the IP address and looks for the domain name. When the domain name is converted to an IP address, this consists of the TCP (MORE)

Which dns record type is required by active directory t allow clients to locate ad resources?

SRV Resource Records When a Windows 2000-based domain controller starts up, the Net Logon service uses dynamic updates to register SRV resource records in the DNS database, as described in "A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV) The SRV record is used to map the name of a se (MORE)

What DNS domain record is used to identify domain controllers?

Hi guys my name is KUDRAT ALI the answer is as follows .... DNS Records are.. HOST RECORD: Where Name is mapped to IP, hosted by Forward lookup zone. SRV (service) RECORD: Where has service location record like (port and IP). Hosted by forward lookup zone. PTR (Pointer) RECORD: Where IP is ma (MORE)

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