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Mitochondria and chloroplasts likely evolved from engulfed prokaryotes that once lived as independent organisms. At some point, a eukaryotic cell engulfed an aerobic prokaryote, which then formed an endosymbiotic relationship with the host eukaryote, gradually developing into a mitochondrion. Eukaryotic cells containing mitochondria then engulfed photosynthetic prokaryotes, which evolved to become specialized chloroplast organelles.

What is a chloroplast?

Chloroplast is an organelle found in plants and algae cells wherephotosynthesis occurs. The chloroplast contains chlorophyll which is the light sensitivepigment that powers photosynthesis and other pigments. Chlorophyllgives the plant its green color A plastid containing chlorophyll, developed only in cells exposedto the light. Chloroplasts are minute flattened granules, usuallyoccurring in great numbers in the cytoplasm near the cell wall, andconsist of a colorless ground substance saturated with chlorophyllpigments. Under light of varying intensity they exhibit phototacticmovements. In animals chloroplasts occur only in certain low forms. Chloroplasts are what give plants their green color. Organelle that makes sugars, using carbon dioxide, water, and theenergy from sunlight. Cholorplasts can be found in plant cells and produces food. It is an eukariyotic organelle. It is important for photosynthesis

Who are the ancestors of chimpanzees?

The ancestors of today's chimps were ape like creatures that roamedthe Earth millions of years ago. Chimps and humans evolved fromthese creatures.

Who are your ancestors?

Your ancestors are all of the people from whom you are "descended": your parents, their parents, their parents' parents, and so forthback through the generations. Because each person has two biological parents, the number ofpeople in your immediate lineage is VERY large : you have 1024great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents,going back ten generations or about 250 years. The collection of your ancestors, their siblings, spouses, andoffspring, is called your "family tree".

What does chloroplast do?

The chloroplasts are the parts in a plant cell in which sunlight CO2 and water are used to make sugars and oxygen.

What are chloroplasts and what do they do?

Plants need lots of light to stay healthy. The reason for this is that there are millions of cells coating the leaves and stems, which need a certain amount of light to stay alive. The light from the sun is stored in the cells as energy or food. Inside a plant cell, there are tiny structures called chloroplasts. They are the structures that provide the cell with energy. Chloroplasts are organelles (structures within cells) that trap light energy and convert it into chemical energy, which is then stored in the cell. The process is called photosynthesis, and involves synthesizing (building) sugar molecules from the inorganic compounds carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and water (H 2 O). Within chloroplasts there are membranes in which are embedded molecules of chlorophyll, which is essential for the trapping of light energy. Chloroplasts have their own DNA, with more than 80 genes, and are believed to be descendants of ancestral free-living prokaryotes, which formed an endosymbiotic relationship with larger cells. Chloroplasts are found in all types of plants and algae.. More detail of their responsibility: Chloroplasts are responsible for the green color of almost all plants and are lacking only in plants that do not make their own food, such as fungi and non-green parasitic or saprophytic higher plants. The chloroplast is generally flattened and lens shaped and consists of a body, or stroma, in which are embedded from a few to as many as 50 submicroscopic bodies (the grana) made up of stacked, disk-like plates. The chloroplast contains chlorophyll pigments, as well as yellow and orange carotenoid pigments. Chloroplasts are thus the central site of the photosynthetic process in plants. The chloroplasts of algae are simpler than those of higher plants and may contain special, often conspicuous, starch-accumulating structures called pyrenoids. CHLOROPLASTS ARE IMPORTANT FOR PHOTOSYNTHESIS. THEY CONSIST OF THYLAKOIDS WHICH INTURN CONTAIN CHLOROPHYLL WHICH ABSORB LIGHT AND CARRY PHOTOSYNTHESIS Chloroplast's are the organelle in which photosynthesis takes place. Photosynthesis is the chemical process in which sugar is made using water and the sun's energy. Basically without getting into all the main details chloroplasts capture energy and converts it into food that the cell can use.

What are chloroplasts?

Organelles found mostly in plants cells (and some protists) which help convert solar energy into chemical energy. They are composed of an aqueous fluid known as stroma, thylakoid disks that are stacked to form grana, and light-absorbing pigments including chlorophyll and carotenoids. Microscopic, ellipsoidal organelle in a green plant cell. It is the site ofphotosynthesis. It is distinguished by its green colour, caused by the presence of chlorophyll. It contains disk-shaped structures called thylakoids that make possible the formation of ATP, an energy-rich storage compound. The word chloroplast is derived from the Greek words chloros , which means green, and plastis , which means "the one who forms". chloroplast is the one who conducts photosynthesis (use sun to produce sugar) Chloroplasts are small green dots found in plant cells, that make the plant green and also responsible about photosynthesis (in green plant cells) a plastid that contains chlorophyll and inwhich photosynthesis takes place.

What is an ancestor?

An ancestor is someone from whom you are directly descended. Your parents, their parents (your grandparents), your great-grandparents, etc... are all ancestors. Your ancestor is someone you are directly descended from. That would be your parents, your grandparents, great grandparents, etc. Ancestry, however, may also reffer to our bloodline, as far as it can be traced. If we choose to go beyond family, and into species, we are talking about Homo sapiens, whose dna has been traced back to hominids, who go back arround 4.000.000 years, or more.

What is a chloroplasts?

organelle found in cells of plants & some other organism that captures the energy form sunlight & converts it into chemical energy

How do you connect with your ancestors?

You cannot, no matter what people say, no matter how Mediums try and convince you that they are in touch with some member of your family. The only way that the dead commune with the living is if they have a message for you. They do not do it of their own volition, but permission is granted them from a higher authority. Satan has the ability to deceive the living into thinking that what they see is a member of their deceased family. However if you mean by connect i.e to join up, then do your Family History, it is then the deceased will at times contact you to give you information. This in most cases will come as a strong feeling rather than a visitation.

What is a chloroplast and what do they do?

The chloroplast is found in the plant and is key to photosynthesis. The chloroplast take in H20, CO2, and sunlight and give of Glucose (C6H12O6) and O2. It runs on two cycles known as the Calvin/Dark Cycle and the Light Dependent Cycle. The Light dependent cycle uses light and the dark cycle does not require light yet still occurs during the day scientists believe. Good Question! Hope that this helps.

What are the ancestors of the trilobites?

Ancestors of trilobites would be arthropods in the same broad group to which trilobites belong (the Arachnomorpha) but lacking one or more of the characteristics that distinguish trilobites. Perhaps one of the most important trilobite characteristic feature is exoskeleton calcification. Without a calcified skeleton, the chances of fossilization are extremely low. This may explain why the ancestors of trilobites are not clearly known. Arachnomorph groups such as the Helmetiidae, Naraoiidae, Tegopeltidae, and Xandarellidae might resemble the ancestors of trilobites. Each of these is uncalcified, and only rarely preserved, as at the Burgess Shale in Canada and Chengjiang, in China.

What is a chloroplast and what does it do?

They involve in photosynthesis.It generates sugar through it.Main function is it.It also produce proteins and involve in photorespiration

What and who are your ancestors?

Your ancestors are your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on. They are the people you are directly descended from.

What is in chloroplasts?

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What is does the Chloroplast do?

The chloroplasts in plant cells capture energy from the sun andstore it in ATP and NADPH molecules. They use the ATP and NADPHmolecules to create organic molecules from carbon dioxide.

What is the chloroplasts do?

it undertakes photosynthesis, trapping light and energy using chlorophyll and converting C02 and H20 in lungs

What does chloroplasts have?

Chloroplast are green plastids. They contains chlorophyll and carotenoids. Lamellae are present in them. They are sites of photosynthesis.

How is chloroplasts?

1) Chromoplasts range from brownish to red in color. 2) They are irregular in shape. 3) They are found in both exposed and unexposed cells. 4) They do not change into other type of plastids. 5) They provide to color to organs to attract pollinators and disseminators.

A chloroplast is what?

a plastid (I don't know what that is) that contains chlorophyll (a group of pigments [don't ask where I got that from]) that makes food by turning the sunlight into energy. that process in called photosynthesis. i hope that helps you! :P

What can you get from your ancestors?

Physical characteristics and personality traits. Look up "ancestral legacies" and similar phrases for much more.

What is is chloroplast?

An elongated or disc-shaped organelle containing chlorophyll. Photosynthesis (in which energy from sunlight is converted into chemical energy-food) takes place in the chloroplasts.This is a small.

Where are my ancestors from?

This question is unanswerable until a good deal of personal and family information is provided. It usually requires the person asking the question to compile the names, birth dates, birthplaces, migration histories, death dates and places, etc., of their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and other relatives so that someone can research available records.

Why do you have ancestors?

Ancestors are just the people of your family that you came from, sometimes referring to relatives from long ago. We all have them, we wouldn't be here without them.

What is the chloroplast do?

Chloroplasts contain Chlorophyll , which is the green pigment in plants that uses energy from the sunlight to turn Carbon Dioxide and Water into Glucose and Oxygen.

What is a chloroplast do?

Chloroplasts capture's energy from the sun. Although I'm not sure it was in my answer choices and that looked like the perfect answer believe me I'm in high-school

What chloroplast does?

Chloroplasts are organelles that make food in the form of sugars, using water, carbon dioxide in the air, and energy from sunlight.

What is the Chloroplast for?

They involve in photosynthesis.It generates sugar through it.Main function is it.It also produce proteins and involve in photorespiration

Who are the horses ancestors?

The truth is, no one really knows for sure. Horses are part of aorder called perrisodactyla, which incudes them, rhinoceros,tapirs, as well as other extinct creatures such as chalichtotheres.This group first appeared in the Paleocene epoch, about 65 millionyears ago, right after the Cretaceous-Paleogene Mass Extinction,which killed off the non-avian dinosaurs. There are multipletheories as to where horses came from. Some paleontologists saythey were descended from an extinct group of mammals calledpantodonts such as Coryphodon . Others say they andtitanotheres shared an unknown common ancestor.

How do you figure out who your ancestors are?

Older family members can tell you your family tree dating back a couple of generations. Before that, you will need to research family Bibles, marriage records, newspaper articles, and so forth. Genealogy sites on the Internet can help, but avoid the pay sites that may offer little valuable data and charge an exorbitant price for it. There are cooperative genealogy sites and bulletin boards, as well.

Who are Irelands ancestors?

Ireland was settled by a Neolithic people who Celtic legend refers to as the Dalriada. They were probably from Neolithic peopls from Britain, though some analysis of ancient Irish legend may suggest they come from Northern Spain. They may even be Basque (the most ancient European race). Irelend was subsequently settled by Celts from Britain. It was normal for Celts to incorporate the native population, so the Dalriada may still be in Ireland. But Irish mythology suggests they left for the WEST. Ireland still considers itself to be a Celtic country but it must be mentioned that conquest and occupation by Vikings and English have had a huge effect on the native population. Few modern Irish can hope to have no Viking or English blood. Those that do, probably live in the far west in counties like Galway. Correction, the first settlers were not called Dalriada (this is a word for the kingdom of Irish invaders to the west of Scotland). Their name , in legend is Tuatha de Danann (the people of the god Dana). They have long been associated with the Fairy Folk (such as leprechauns) and also the pre-Christian Celtic gods.

What are kangaroos' ancestors?

Kangaroos belong to the family known as the macropods . All macropods are believed to have descended from the animal knownas Wabularoo naughtoni. The Wabularoo naughtoni was a medium sized herbivorous macropod,weighing an estimated 7kg, found in open forest environments of theregion now known as Riversleigh in northwestern Queensland. For many years, it was believed that the ancestor of the modernkangaroo was the Giant short-faced kangaroo, but recent researchfrom the University of Adelaide has proven this was not the case,as there is no genetic link between the Giant short-faced kangarooand the macropods we now know today.

Who are the dog's ancestors?

the dogs ancestor's are wolves from a very long time ago the dogs you have are the domestic breed of wolves and are trained to be mans best freind

When did ancestors live?

ancestors are your relations who were dead before you were born. For example, your great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents would be your ancestors. So it could be any time in History.

What are the ancestors of the rabbit?

Pet rabbits descend from wild European Rabbits ( Oryctolagus cuniculus ). Rabbits, along with hares and pikas, are lagomorphs (of the taxonomic order Lagomorpha). Apparently, the ancestors of rabbits first appeared soon after the dinosaurs died off (along with a bunch of other kinds of mammals) -- none of the ancestors of lagomorphs are still around today.

What are the ancestors of a mosquito?

mosquitoes were there from the beginning. They were there when the dinosaurs where there Answer: The mosquito has a long history. The oldest known mosquito with an modern anatomy is 79-million years old from the Cretaceous. More primitive relatives are from 90 to 100 million years old. Mosquitos share a common ancestry with gnats and midges up until about 150 million years ago.

What are amphibians the ancestor if?

Amphibians originated from from a tetrapod. Early tetrapods were like fish but may have had limbs to move on the bottom of marshes. In later fossils, the limbs were found further below to lift the animal off the ground. Eventually, amphibians arose the ability to breath through the air as well as water.

What is the ancestor of mammals?

You need to specify a time period to get an accurate answer. The line of animals that eventually evolved into mammals has had many different forms over the years.

What are the ancestors of a saxophone?

The saxophone is a very peculiar instrument in terms of history. The first saxophones were patented in 1846 by a Belgian named Adolphe sax and before this there was nothing like a saxophone. It was developed as a hybrid of vrass and woodwind, with the body of a reass instrument but the reed mouthpiece of a woodwind and was initially designed for marching bands, but has since grown into many tyoes of music.

Why do you call your ancestors ancestors?

"Ancestor" is the English word for those from whom you are descended. You use that word because that is what the word is. In many ways words are arbitrary sounds that are agreed to have a particular meaning. The English word ancestor comes from the Old French word ancestre . This in turn comes from the Latin word antecessor . They all derive from from the Latin verb antecedere , meaning to precede or go before, which is what an ancestor did. So your ancestor's ancestor is also your ancestor. We do not need or have a separate word for that in English.

What are the roundworms ancestor?

There is some debate about what other groups the nematodes, or roundworms, are most closely related to, and therefore from what group they descended. Nematodes are classified as being in the clade Ecdysozoa which also includes arthropods. If nematodes are truly closely related to arthropods then they share a common ancestor.

What is the ancestor of a dinosaur?

The ancestors of dinosaurs are bacteria. they would split and reproduce by itself and creating multiple cells until you had a larvae like dinosaur. Other scientists say either they started as the "Big bang" or molecular forms that grew. so technically there are no ancestors of dinosaurs only decendants

What the chloroplast?

Chloroplast are disk-shaped organelles, 4 to 6 micrometers in diameter, where photosynthesis takes place in the cells of plants and algae.

Why are ancestors important?

They give you an idea of where you come from & they have done many important things we need to know

What was the caribou's ancestors?

deer, :) great question but deer! my friend studied caribou last year in 8th grade. I studied snakes so if you need any help... just ask!

What are the ancestors to animals?

Bacterium. Some of the most ancient life recorded is of tiny, microscopic organisms, most found in the ocean.

What is the ancestor of mitochondria?

One hypothesis is that mitochondria are "swallowed" bacteria that were not digested but instead incorporated into the cell as a symbiont (helper). Mitochondria have a membrane similar to the cell membrane and their own genetic material similar to bacteria.

What is the ancestor of the cello?

The origins of the cello can be traced back to the lira (or lyra) of the 9th century CE, a bowed instrument used in the Byzantine Empire. It spread through Europe in the 11th and 12th centuries and became the cello. The lira is also an ancestor of the violin.

What are chloroplasts are for?

chloroplast are store the chlorophlly the is a green substance that makes the plant turn green. Apart from that here are the major functions of the chloroplast : (1) Absorption of light energy and conversion of it into biological energy. (2) Production of NAPDH 2 and evolution of oxygen through the process of photosys of water. (3) Production of ATP by photophosphorylation. NADPH2 and ATP are the assimilatory powers of photosynthesis. Transfer of CO2 obtained from the air to 5 carbon sugar in the stream during dark reaction. (4) Breaking of 6-carbon atom compound into two molecules of phosphoglyceric acid by the utilization of assimilatory powers. (5) Conversion of PGA into different sugars and store as stratch. The chloroplast is very important as it is the cooking place for all the green plants. All heterotrophs also depend on plasts for this food.

What does chloroplast does?

Chloroplasts are plastid organelles found in plant cells for performing photosynthesis process. They have a green pigment called chlorophyll that allows plants to absorb energy from sunlight.

Who are my ancestors?

To answer the question "who are my ancestors" you have to do the work yourself, unless you are lucky enough to have a relative who has already done some of the work. There is no great repository listing everyone's ancestors and their relationship to everyone else. Some of the on-line services are trying to get there, but they are still a long way off. So, you start by asking your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins what they know about who your ancestors are/were. Then you begin looking at records of births, deaths, marriages, taxes, voting, migration, naturalization, censuses, etc. These begin to tell you the names of the parents of the oldest ancestors you know of. Slowly, with some effort and some blank walls, you will acquire knowledge of a preceding generation, and then the one before that.