What is an ancestor of chloroplasts?

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Mitochondria and chloroplasts likely evolved from engulfed prokaryotes that once lived as independent organisms. At some point, a eukaryotic cell engulfed an aerobic prokaryote, which then formed an endosymbiotic relationship with the host eukaryote, gradually developing into a mitochondrion. Eukaryotic cells containing mitochondria then engulfed photosynthetic prokaryotes, which evolved to become specialized chloroplast organelles.

Who are your ancestors?

Your ancestors are all of the people from whom you are "descended": your parents, their parents, their parents' parents, and so forthback through the generations. Because eac

What does chloroplast do?

The chloroplasts are the parts in a plant cell in which sunlight CO2 and water are used to make sugars and oxygen.

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An ancestor is someone from whom you are directly descended. Your parents, their parents (your grandparents), your great-grandparents, etc... are all ancestors. Your ancesto

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Your ancestors are your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on. They are the people you are directly descended from.

What is in chloroplasts?

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What is does the Chloroplast do?

The chloroplasts in plant cells capture energy from the sun andstore it in ATP and NADPH molecules. They use the ATP and NADPHmolecules to create organic molecules from carbon

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This question is unanswerable until a good deal of personal and family information is provided. It usually requires the person asking the question to compile the names, birth

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Ancestors are just the people of your family that you came from, sometimes referring to relatives from long ago. We all have them, we wouldn't be here without them.

What the chloroplast?

Chloroplast are disk-shaped organelles, 4 to 6 micrometers in diameter, where photosynthesis takes place in the cells of plants and algae.

What are chloroplasts are for?

chloroplast are store the chlorophlly the is a green substance that makes the plant turn green. Apart from that here are the major functions of the chloroplast : (1) Abso

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To answer the question "who are my ancestors" you have to do the work yourself, unless you are lucky enough to have a relative who has already done some of the work. There is