What is an enclosure?

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An enclosure is a house or a cage for anything that is for show to the humans.
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What are the Enclosure of the Commons?

The Inclosure Acts (or "Enclosure Acts" in modern spelling ) were a series of United Kingdom Acts of Parliament which enclosed open fields and common land in the country, c

In terms of letter writing what is an enclosure?

"Enclosure" simply means that the sender has included something else in the envelope besides the letter you are reading. It could be a marketing flyer, another letter, a broch

What was the Enclosure movement?

After buying up the land of village farmers, wealthy landowners enclosed their land with fences or hedges. The increase in their landholdings enabled them to cultivate larger

What was enclosure?

A way of closing off land to a single owner. The practice of fencing off common pastures. Building fences around land that used to be shared between farmers

What are enclosures?

There are more than just a few definitions of "enclosure". One of those definitions can be "something intended to enclose something". Other definitions include, but are not li

What is an enclosure notation?

The word birthday need not be capitalized, but if someone's birthday is, for example, February 6th then the month is capitalized. Birthday should be capitalized when it is

What is a pool enclosure?

A pool enclosure can be either a permanent or temporary structure. Simply put, the pool enclosure protects the pool in variable degrees. Many who build pools at their homes
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What are enclosures in a letter?

Enclosures in a letter are items that are added to the envelopebefore it is shipped. For instance one might say that there arepictures enclosed, those pictures would be the en
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How was the enclosure carried out?

Enclosure was the process of enclosing agricultural lands withboundaries such as fences, walls, hedges or ditches. Enclosure alsoenabled urban development. Little enclosure to