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What is a search engine?

A search engine is a software program or script available throughthe Internet that searches documents and files for keywords andreturns the results of any files containing those keywords. Today,there are thousands of different search engines available on theInternet, each with their own abilities an (MORE)

What are search engines?

Search Engines are internet or web based software that take inkeywords as input and return web pages as output matching variousparameters related to the keyword (for example, Google). There could be other search engines that find fares, currencies,cities, people, products etc. But the ones most popu (MORE)

What are some examples of web search engines?

Examples of Web Search Engines Google.com Ask.com Yahoo.com TripleMe.com Shopzilla.com altavista.com Webcrawler.com Dogpile.com ... and many more There are actually many different search engines available out there. They can be categorized into groups depending on how they wor (MORE)

What does a search engine do?

The search engines to provide the best experience for users throughthe search results -------------------------------------------------- In the background a search engine tries to look the content atEVERYTHING people put up on the World Wide Web. It then cleverlyindexes this content and makes a note (MORE)

Examples of search engines?

Google is the most popular search engine on the internet, followedby Yahoo. Other search engines include Bing, AOL search, AltaVista,Excite and Emlsearch

Example of hybrids?

Hybrid cars: Toyota Prius Toyota Prius V Toyota Prius C Honda Insight Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

What search engines do?

Search engines help you find information online. With literally trillions of pages available on the Internet, it is next to impossible to make use of these information without search engines. There are different search engines out there, but they basically do the same - they regularly visit the vast (MORE)

What search engine searches other search engines?

All search engines that search on everything on internet can search for other search engines,for example google,bing,yahoo,ask,avgsearch,xquick dogpile combines a lot of different engines but its kind of awkward to use www.dogpile.com

What is a search engine what does it do?

A search engine is something online which hunts throught thousands of stored entires and finds results according to the terms someone has searches. Google is the most popular example of an Internet search engine, shotrly followed by Yahoo and many other smaller businesses which have attempted to bea (MORE)

What is search engine and search directories?

Search engines look through all the sites and try to figure outwhat they are about. then when you search, they list the mostrelevant one. Directories are more like the phone book. Sometimes they sort byrelevance or popularity, but often times they are just a list...like yellowpages.

What is engine braking on a Lexus hybrid?

Engine Brake: One way to reduce speed by shift down the gear from Higher to Lower (Eg. Driving with 120 km/h with 5th gear, by turning to Engine Brake it reduce to 4th gear that make the speed is reduced) It's very helpful when driving with high speed.

What is an search engines?

SEO or searhc engine optimization is a strategy is important, it is used to make your web page be on to the top 10 pages shown in the SERP or search engine result page.. the Black hat and the white hat optimization are the two types of search engine.. Before you decide on spending money for SEO. P (MORE)

What is an example of hybridization?

methane is the simplist example of hybridization. hybridization is basically exciting electrons so that it can bond with other elements. methane is CH4. tetrahederal shape, sp3 hybridization because it's all single bonds. when you excite the 2s orbital, you leave one electron in that orbital and (MORE)

How do you maximise search in search engine?

1. Add quality content often 2. Get backlinks (with keyword as link anchor) from related sites 3. Submit site to directories, search eengines and social bookmarking sites 4. Add your sitemap to Google, Yahoo and Bing 5. Do the Article submission and PR submission Be patient, you will get (MORE)

How hybrid engins works?

They work on different type of energy:petrol and electricity,or petrol and hydrogen. in general the cars that have hybrid Engins stars using petrol when the other type of energy runs out or when they are moving faster than 60km/h

What is Hybrid search engine?

hybrid search engine (HSE) [1] is a computer program designed to help one find and sort information stored on a network by using three or more separate bodies of metadata in terms of an algorithimic process. The term, HSE, itself is still being defined, and some would argue that many of the lead (MORE)

What is a example of hybridization?

An example is a liger ( male Lion + female Tiger = Liger ) and Tigon ( female lion + male Tiger = Tigon) Liger: The liger is a cat born from the breeding of a male lion and a female tiger . This combination produces an offspring with more lionistic features than if the reverse pairing had oc (MORE)

Search engine that searches other search engines?

Most search features use the results of others verbatim. Only four actually search the web and are therefore engines: Google.com, Yahoo.com, Bing.com and Ask.com. The rest just enlist the help of those four, and this is normally indicated by a "Powered by ..." notice at the bottom of the page. An (MORE)

What is web search search engine?

A Web search engine is a Web site that returns an ordered list ofhyperlinks to Web pages based on the characters, words, set ofwords or phrase the user has entered into the search box. The orderof the results are based on a combination of factors but a page'scomputed relevancy to user input is most (MORE)

What is the Example of web browser and search engine?

The primary purpose of a web browser is to bring information resources to the user.example firefox web browser, explorer web browser itc. and the search engine there are many search engines you can use to index your site, and allow your readers to search your site example of search engine google.com (MORE)

Which are the deep search 'search engines'?

Deep search engines offer searches on focused databases which are often "invisible" to regular search engines. These databases publish results only as the result of a direct query and the results are not persistent.CompletePlanet The Deep Web Directory 70,000 + searchable databases pipl search the d (MORE)

Search engine that does not record your searches?

I use Facebook Search service listed below. It allows to search all Facebook stuff without logging in. So, it doesn't record your searches for sure. Also it allows to search all facebook updates on the walls.

How to search on a search engine?

In years past, searchers needed to include Boolean characters (example, + or - ) into a search to get the best results. As well, before the " " quote marks around search terms were needed to find the words "exactly as written" in the search. However, Google and other search engines have advanced (MORE)

How do you delete searches from search engines?

Run regedit, enter: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ SearchScopes . Go after searchscopes on right click, set permissions: check "Full Control" Select OK. . Now enter the browser settings to delete SoSo search engines . Remember to modify the permissions back after e (MORE)

How do you delete the searches from search engines?

on a Windows PC , to clear all the recent data, Internet Explorer Check All The Boxes. Mozilla Firefox Check All The Boxes, There should be a dropdown list for you to choose from EX: Today, Last 2 weeks,....Everything. I choose everything. Then you`re done. :)

How can you search in search engine?

You type in some keywords that explain what you're looking for, type it in to the search box in Google and click Search. To search a specific site, include "site:www.yoursite.com" (without the quotation marks).

What is a search engine and give examples?

Search engine is a mechanisms that's used to crawls in theinternet..example such as GOOGLE.COM Search engines are software structures to store and reproduce theinternet websites listing, based on the search keywords provided tothem. They have calculation methods to sort all the websites on theinter (MORE)

What are examples of Internet or Web search engines?

Search Engines are mushrooming every day. Therefore, maintaining a list of search engines is a difficult task. There are many types of search engines, including ones that are Tags based, meta Tag based, Key word based or organic. Engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, ASK etc are all organic search en (MORE)

Is there a search engine that searches as you type?

Google has recently come out with a new default feature called Instant. It searches as you type. It is the Google default but if it is not turned on you may toggle it on/off by clicking the option to the right of the search bar on Google.

What are search engin?

A search engine is like Google, or Yahoo, when you go on the internet and type what youre looking for you use a search engine.

What searches many search engines?

There are differen kinds of multiple search engines: Webcrawler.com, metacrawler.com, dogpile.com are searching both Google, yahoo, bing at the same time, and give results from both engines. Wiibeez.com is a multiple search engines in one page to search the web, music and movies, all search res (MORE)

How can you improve your search engine searches?

You have to create link building campaigns and plenty backlinks. Now you have to post in forums, blogs, article directories and link directories, messages with your link inside. Not spamming, only be part to the community.

What Does A Search Engine Search Do?

A search engine does not discriminate between good and bad sites. A search engine may or may not list thousands of unordered search results. And a directory is someones attempt to list the beast sites for a given topic.

How does search engine searches a word?

First, search crawlers reads texts on a webpage and stores it in a huge database. When a user queries on the search engine, it will find the match for the word that is searched out from the millions of information stored in the database. After that, it will display all the matched words in webpages. (MORE)

What are search engines and what do they do?

Search engines are computer programs that search the world wide web and document and sort information. They provide a listing of websites and web pages that meet the requirements set by the user. The algorithms used are rather complex, and with additional factors to provide related advertising, the (MORE)

What is a search engine and what can it do?

A search engine is a mechanism that will take any search inquiry, otherwise known as a keyword or keyword phrase, and find any relevant web content for that entry. For example, let's say you are looking for the latest news, and you go to a search engine and type the word "News". Your search eng (MORE)

Is hybridization an example of genetic engineering?

Hybridization is crossing two varieties of the same or similarspecies through pollination or other natural methods to create anew variety. Genetic engineering is the process of artificallyinserting a gene from one species into another species to create anew trait, such as inserting a bacteria gene i (MORE)

Why search engines?

Search engines have become a part of everyday life. It is a wonderful way to find out information that before took you ages to look for in books. Knowledge truly is at our fingertips.