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A character's motivation is something that propels inside of them, their personality.

Another definition is to wonder what makes people behave the way they do.

In a novel or play character motivation is concerned with explaining (in the work of literature itself) why the character act in the way they do: for example, Jim Doe hates Jane Doe in a novel, and the motivation (reason - as presented in the novel) is that at some time in the past he did her an injustice which she has not forgiven. Something that keeps them going.
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Is it important to have Character Motivation?

All of your characters must have motivation. It's what makes them do things. If you're writing a good story, the motivation will come as you learn more about your characters.

How is character motivation used in literature?

Charactermotivation is used in literature when one character is in one mood and another is in a different mood. The characters will help each other, or motivate each other to

Is pity an honorable motivation for a character?

I suppose it could be--it depends on how you swing it. It's not anevil motivation. Assuming you're writing a speech, paper, orsomething to that effect, based on your category;

Character motivation in Romeo and Juliet?

Since no one helped me and I had to help myself, I shall help you. The part where Juliet takes Romeo's dagger and kills herself is an example. That is an example of character
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What are the characters motives in the Christmas carol?

The cratchits are to symbolise the poorly paid under privilegedpeople of the time The ghost are there to symbolise the true christmas spirit and whatcould occure to theose who
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What is a characters motive?

A characters motive is the cause or reason for their actions andthoughts.