What is class action lawsuits?

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Class actions are lawsuits filed in civil courts on behalf of large groups of persons who have suffered injury. One common class action is a security class action, in which a lawsuit is filed on behalf of all investors in a particular stock, bond, or investment. Another common class action is a consumer class action, which usually is filed on behalf of consumers who have been injured or defrauded by a defective or malfunctioning product.
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How do you start a class action lawsuit?

There are 4 requirements to proceed with a class action. . 1. Numerosity - enough plaintiffs to make class action an efficeint way to handle the claim. 2. Commonality -

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

In layman's terms it is a group of people that are suing a company or entity for wrongdoing.. The first step is for someone to have been wronged in some way. This could come

What are the requirements for a class action lawsuit?

The only requirement for a class action lawsuit is that the lawsuit inovles multiple suing parties. Some of the most famous class action lawsuits came out of the late 90's pur

How do you research an old class action lawsuit?

Federal or state court? If you know the federal court the class action was in, you might be able to pull the docket (the case history) from the PACER service (see related link

Explain the Class action lawsuit?

Class actions are lawsuits filed in civil courts on behalf of large groups of persons who have suffered injury. One common class action is a security class action, in which a

How successful are class action lawsuits?

It depends on the case (and the lawyers... and the court...). Some are very successful. Brown v. Board of Education comes to mind. Enron ($7.2 billion) was very successful a

What is the success rate of class action lawsuits?

I can tell you this without fear of contradiction - law firms getrich off of them. If the suits are successful, the lawyers gettheir fee off the top based on a percentage of t

Is there a class action lawsuit for Avelox?

There are individual lawsuits alleging personal injuries for side-effects from Avelox. I do not see an Avelox class action (yet). I suggest you contact a plaintiff class actio

How do you know if you are part of a class action lawsuit?

If a class action is "certified" by the Court, you may receive direct notice in the mail or via email. When direct mailed notice is not possible, notice will typically be publ

How do you join a class action lawsuit?

You need to find out the jurisdiction for your lawsuit. There are certain stipulations on what areas can take on a class action lawsuit. You can research online to see about e

How was the class action lawsuit settled?

The way it is settled depends on the type of class action lawsuit. The process for a product liability class action, for example, will be different than an employment class ac

Is there an Actos class action lawsuit?

A class action Actos lawsuit was filed in September 2011. The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana on behalf of two individuals who dev
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Where can you file a class action lawsuit?

First find out which jurisdiction would be handling your case. There are stipulations on how many people must be from the same area in a class action lawsuit to be considered
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How is a class action lawsuit defined?

A class action lawsuit is where one person represents a large group of people. This is common where a group of people have a common cause that they want to bring to court.
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How do you do a class action asbestos lawsuit?

You can file a class action asbestos lawsuit by getting together with other people relevant to the case and filing a joint suit. This may be coworkers or other people relevant
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What do class action lawsuits accomplish?

Class action lawsuits usually accomplish the single aspect of making a lawyer rich. By definition, this lawsuit involves a large group of people who, if they win a case, usua