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cleaning is brooming and moping
its really a simple word to no

cleaning refers to removing the visibles dirt.
cleaning is accomplish using a cleaning agent that removes rust stains, minerals or other deposits.
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How do you clean a self cleaning oven?

The trick is in the name 'self cleaning'. Here's my answer : I have a Kenmore self cleaning oven and just used that function for the very first time and it works wonders. Her

How do you clean Converse?

There's really no exact way to clean your Converse, but how I've always done it is like this. Pull out the laces first, put Converse in washing machine, yes, washing machine.

How do you clean a gun?

It depends on the gun, but in general, you field strip it, put some gun cleaner on it, wipe the gun cleaner off, lube it, then reassemble the gun. You should consult the manua

What is cleaning solution CLR?

  CLR is a household cleaner used for removing Calcium, Lime, and Rust. It's commonly used for Kitchens and bathrooms.

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How to clean self-cleaning oven?

How to clean "self-cleaning oven"? Although "self-cleaning oven" cleans itself, you still need to clean it before and after operating the self-cleaning mode:   * Remove ov

What is cleaning standard in four diamond hotel?

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What is cleaning service?

Cleaning services are compose of group of people that offer cleaning services. You are going to contact them and let them do the cleaning work for you. They range from individ

What cleans blood?

A Jamaican tea called cerasee it's really bitter but is good if you have diabetes.

How do you clean condoms?

The short answer is that you do not clean them. Condoms should only be used once. Afterwards they should be discarded. Please see the related question for more information.

What is cleaning of a wound?

cleaning a wound - under medical/surgical asepsis techniques with sanitization, disinfection, and/or sterilization. If open wound, it would then have to be debrideded so that

How do you clean self cleaning oven?

There is usually a knob located just under the stove top that when moved locks the oven door. Once you've done this, simply press the button or turn the knob to self clean. It

What is cleaning equipment?

The various supplies and devices used for the purpose of cleaning include brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, rags and towels and soap and assorted cleaning fluids, etc.