What is crustal instability?

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AnswerLack of physical stabilaty of the Earth's crust, resulthing in earthquakes at plate boundaries.
p.s. its only a guess
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What is political instability?

Political instability is a situation where by a country is currently going through political turmoil. It may also involve the death of people within that country and in many cases the country detoriates in terms of its economic progress.

What are the causes of political instability in Africa?

lack of a smooth process of handover of power: lack of well planned elections can lead to political instability. intervention of the military in the governing process autocratic and dictatorial leaders who refuse to handover power and attract intervention from the international community.

What is price instability?


What are the causes of political instability?

Poverty, bad conditions for the average people, anger of the people towards the government, etc. All of these are reasons that provoke political instability in the form of crime, revolutions, rebellions, civil wars and other forms of revolting.

What are the Causes of political instability in Pakistan?

\nThe Pakistani economy is in a desperate state, and the causes are long term, structural and not at all conducive to any "quick fix": The new Zardari government in Islamabad has inherited high inflation, large income inequality and a chronic lack of spending for infrastructure and education.\n. \n (MORE)

What is economic instability?

Economic Instability Readers Question: my question is whether economic instability means high and fluctuated inflation ,employment and unsustainable growth or has other definition? Economic instability can take various forms. In recent years, we have witnessed a few examples of this. Certainly high (MORE)

What is crustal deformation?

The earths surface near a volcano or where there is plate tectonicmovement becomes deformed. This crustal deformation happens before,during and after an event.

What is a crustal plate?

A crustal plate is a rigid layer of the Earth's crust that drifts slowly on the asthenosphere as it interacts with other plates.

What are the factors causing Bias instability?

Causes of Bias instability include temperature and current gain.High temperature will change the parameters in the transistor. Whenmanufacturing transistors there is a possibility of them havingdifferent parameters.

10 causes of social instability?

There are many causes of social instability. Some examples of thecauses of social instability are; international tension,industrialization and population growth.

What is social instability?

Clashes between the various structures that make up the a society, in other words, a society thrown into pandemonium by civil unrest, is said to be unstable

What is the main Reason for instability of the nucleus?

Nuclear instability - a phenomenon concluded from empirical evidence. A model to explain this is based on the idea of nuclear shells. The number of protons and neutron in the nucleus. The nucleons fill up inside the nucleus in shells, each shell has a specific allotment of nucleons. incomplete shell (MORE)

Definition of social instability?

There are quite a few definitions of social instability that areaccepted. The general thread between them all is that theenvironment of the individual is constantly changing.

What is crustal movement?

The influence of crustal movements on landforms, erosion and sediment deposition has been analysed in the severely eroded Irangi Hills in Kondoa District, central Tanzania. Field observations, in combination with satellite imagery, aerial photographs, and topographical and geological maps have been (MORE)

What is gravitational instability theory?

Gravitational instability theory, is a theory that the Jovianplanets are formed directly from the instabilities within thegasses around them which leads to gravitational collapse. Thismakes one of the four giant outer planets of the solar system,which resembles Jupiter in physical and chemical compo (MORE)

What is a crustal boundary?

There are 3 types convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries. Convergent collide, divergent move away, and transform boundaries occur when two boundaries pass each other horizontally. The process of subduction is associated with convergent boundaries and tectonic plates play a huge role in thes (MORE)

What are crustal movements?

Crustal movements is the movements of plates that make up the Earth's Crust Within the mantle of the Earth, There are powerful magma. These currents are responsible for moving the crustal plates. This Crustal Movements may only be a few centimeters a year but over millions of years, it has c (MORE)

What causes nuclear instability?

Inside the nucleus of an atom, there is a competition between twoprinciple forces: strong nuclear forces which keep the nucleustogether, and electrostatic forces between the protons which wantto blow it apart. Different proton-neutron structures causeschanges between these two forces which affects t (MORE)

What is nuclear instability?

Nuclear instability is when the nucleus of an atom is unstablebecause of an improper ratio of protons to neutrons. Nuclearinstability causes radioactive decay because the nucleus emitsradiation to stabilize itself.

What is political instablity?

Political instability is when there is unconstitutionally changed of government. it can be regular or irregular change of government. Ghana was said to have political instability but most of the coup d'etat which illegally overthrew various governments did not involve in any blood-shedding or turmoi (MORE)

What is crustal shortening?

Crustal shortening is the reduction of the size of the Earth's crust through tectonic activities such as those found at a convergent plate boundary. When an oceanic crust collides with a continental crust, the denser oceanic crust subducts beneath the continental crust. This causes the oceanic crust (MORE)

What was a reason for the instability in Latin America?

Many of the governments in Latin America have competing factions(capitalist, socialist, communist) within their borders. Geography,poverty, and varied ethnic composition in these countries has alsomade establishing infrastructure difficult in many areas. Drug cartels have been taking control of smal (MORE)

What are crustal features?

a2 . Crustal features would include those expressed on the surface, (such as mountains, rivers, and lakes) as well as those not as visible (such as volcanic feed pipes, earthquake fault lines, Geological formations, and aquifer formations.)

Which factors affecting instability of nitroglycerin?

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What is Respiratory mechanics instability?

RMI™ - (Respiratory MechanicsInstability) is a proprietary algorithm that assesses the severityof Sleep Disordered Breathing by analyzing the phase relationshipbetween the abdomen and thorax.

Can a society overcome conflict and instability?

Human social is struggling with it for centuries on this issue, and the progress is slow, but we have conquered many victories. The human being doesn't have conflicts, He lives permanently under conflicts. But they can be eased up with the help of more knowledges, discoveries, advances of the scienc (MORE)

What is production instability?

When the menstrual cycle is reversed, the force of gravity causes the production to destablizie, annihilating one's eggs and sperms (no babies for you!)

How can you combat your mental instabilities?

I asked this question and this is my description on how I feel: Hi, I'm a 17 year old junior and i need some serious help. Now I have read a lot of places that this may be hormones, but I don't care - this is important to me. So, I have been very into music ever since i can remember. I pl (MORE)

What effect does economic instability have on politicians?

Generally, economic instability has a negative effect on politicians since voters tend to 1) Erroneously blame politicians for failure to control or monitor long-term economic patterns or actions beyond their control. 2) Expect politicians to provide immediate and fast-acting solutions to economi (MORE)

What are the causes of economic instability in Pakistan?

- Causes and Effects Pakistan is experiencing the worst economic crisis and downturn. It was worsened in the past recent years. When the country unable to sustain it's economic growth due to the major domestic reasons and also global recession implications. Poor economic conditions, planning and pov (MORE)

What is instability mean?

It means lack of stability. The state of being unstable. Or tendency to unpredictable behavior or erratic changes of mood. She showed increasing signs of mental instability.

What is a possible cause of instability in a computer?

Well, this is a pretty broad question but I'll do my best.Instability can be caused by a multitude of factors. From the software side, you can have incompatibilities betweenvendors. Software makers don't always talk to each other, or toMicrosoft for that matter when building their products. Although (MORE)