What is cyber crime insurance?

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Cyber Liability addresses the first- and third-party risks associated with e-business, the Internet, networks and informational assets. Cyber Liability Insurance coverage offers cutting edge protection for exposures arising out of Internet communications.

The concept of Cyber Liability takes into account first- and third-party risks. The risk category includes privacy issues, the infringement of intellectual property, virus transmission, or any other serious trouble that may be passed from first to third parties via the Web.
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What are examples of cyber crimes?

"Cyber crime" is a widely expanding category as the Internetbecomes a more common part of daily life and access to it getswider, and as technology becomes more capable of vari

Why do people do cyber crimes?

"As computer crime becomes the most widespread criminal activity in the world, there are always criminals searching for new and unprotected computer technologies to exploit or

What are advantages and disadvantages of cyber crime?

Cyber crime is an illegal act. There are no advantages to cyber crime. The disadvantages are numerous, but list them because we cannot contribute to the thought processes of c

Is cyber bulling a cyber crime?

For one it is a very bad thing to do and no one would like to be in a situation like that. . Number two you can go to jail because of cyber bulling. . DO NOT CYBER BULLY!!

Who is Cyber Crime expert in Rajasthan?

Mr. Mukesh Choudhary is a Cyber Crime expert in Rajasthan. He has helped Jaipur Police and currently is working on the cases of Army Intelligence as well. See the l
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How do you report cyber crime?

You can report cyber crime at cybercrime.gov. If you live near a FBI headquarters you may also consult an agent there regarding cyber crime.
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What is 'Key Logger' in cyber crime?

It is through Key Logger attached to the hacker's computer that helps to pass on the username, password, account no,by mistakenly clicking to a fake email sent by the hacker,

What does cyber crime mean?

Cyber-crime - is simply crimes that are done 'on-line'. This can besomething as simple as hacking someone's facebook or email account- right up to stealing multi-billions in c