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What is dad in French?

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pere Papa
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They in French?

they = ils  eg they dance = ils dansent

What is 'I' in French?

Je is the French equivalent of 'I'. It's the first person subject pronoun. It's pronounced almost like the "ge" in orange. Except you make the "g" sound more drawn out. In the

Who do you say my dad in french?

Mon Pere is My father  Mon Papa is My dad  But if your doing a school assignment I suggest using Mon Pere because it is more formal =]

How do you know if your dad is your dad?

Look for similar traits, such as: hair, likes, dislikes, eye colour, etc. You could always see a doctor and ask to see your and your father's genes and ask if they are slightl

What is is in French?

  is in French is,"est" say the letter "A" and that is how it is pronounced.

What is a dad?

A dad is a man that loves you a lot.He is the husband of your mother.   that guy who always yells

What is was in French?

It depends: I was = J'etais, He was = Il etait, She was = Elle etait

Are in French?

In English, "are" is a conjugation of the verb to be. It is used with plural subjects as well as the singular "you". Therefore the quick answer to your question is you (sing

What is 'It has' in French?

"It has" in French would be could be "Il a" which is pronounced "Eel ah" Edit: Your question could have several answers, so to get the one you want, we would need more contex

What is the in French?

In French, the English word 'the' can be translated as 'le', 'la', or 'les'. 'Le' is used to describe singular, masculine nouns such as 'le livre' meaning 'the book'. 'La' is