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The current trend in media that has come as a result of user/customer becoming more involved in the products and services by having a platform to communicate with the world about it, sharing their experience with each other and discussing over issues of society, raising their voice against the wrong is known as emerging media. This includes mobile phones, latest apps, social networking sites, online shopping, smartphones, disruptive technologies, word-of-mouth marketing, telematics, location-based services integrated marketing, etc.

What is media?

The word media is the plural noun form of the singular noun medium when it is a word for: . a particular form or system of communication (such asnewspapers, radio, or television); . the materials or methods used by an artist; . the thing by which or through which something is done; . a surrounding condition or environment. Note: The plural form of the singular noun 'medium' as a word for a person who claims to be able to communicate with thespirits of dead people is mediums .

What is a selctive media and a differential media?

Selective media is one that grows only certain microorganisms while inhibiting (or preventing) others from growing, that is to say , the media has certain chemicals that allow one organism to grow but another organism cannot grow with those ingredients in the media, thus, is selective for the organisms that can grow in that media. Therefore, most commonly grows only one type of organism.. Differential media is one that distinguishes one microorganism from another, it can grow more than one microorganism, but depending on how each organism reacts to the media (like turns red) it differentiates from another microorganism. In this type of media if you are trying to distinguish between 2 types of microorganisms, both should grow but they will have different reactions to the media, and thru their visible reactions you can tell them apart (differentiate them).

What is an emergency fund?

Emergency funds are commonly used in families who have a budget.The fund is a set amount of money that is put in savings, in casean emergency occurs and money is needed.

What is the media?

Print Media- Newspapers, business directories, Yellow pages, Television media- Entertainment Channels, News channels, sports channel etc. Radio Media- eg BBC, Broadcasting Media Film media- is a premier creative location and production house engaged in producing films and graphics of international standard Electronic Media(Email ID, Web etc)

What is an emergent layer?

The uppermost rain-forest layer made up of very tall trees that emerge from the forest below into the sunlight above

What is print media and what is electronic media?

Print media - Eg : Yellow pages, Newspapers, Business directories, Books, Magazines, posters. Electronic media: Media that uses electronics to reach audience. Telegraph, Satellite, Television, Internet, web- downloads, livestreming videos, Radio, Digital media marketing

What does emergence mean?

Emergence or the growing of crops. And you guys are cheaters for looking this up to do your homework you lazy bums! :)

What is an Emergency exit?

There are emergency exits in many types of buildings and commercial aircraft. Every building exceeding a certain size must be designed with extra doors leading to safety in case of fire. The number of doors and their placement depends upon the type of occupancy (e.g., dwelling, warehouse, factory, theater, etc). There are rules about how close together exits must be, so that people are NEVER farther than the limit (e.g., 150 feet in an un-sprinklered grocery store) These doors, kept closed under normal circumstances, can be used to evacuate the building very quickly in case of emergency (fire, gaz...). These doors are indicated with an illuminated EXIT sign (lit internally or externally). If the building is required to have emergency lighting, then the EXIT signs must also have a backup power source (e.g., batteries) or be photoluminescent and remain visible for at least 90 minutes after power is lost. Emergency exits do not always go directly outside; they may simply allow occupants to move into an area of refuge, separated by a smoke and fire barrier designed to last an hour or more. After the Station nightclub fire, NFPA standards were upgraded to require larger main exits for nightclubs, discotheques, dance halls, bars with live entertainment and any assembly occupancy with festival seating, i.e., more than 50 people. NFPA 101 (2006): (capacity to handle at least 2/3 of the total allowed occupancy, versus early code requiring only 1/2).

What are niche media mass media and addressable media?

Niche media is known as narrowcasting and it is information aimed at a narrow audience such as an ad addressed towards teens and children. Mass media is information addressed to a large number of people in a short period of time. Addressable media is information delivered to people of a certain address location.

What is in the emergent?

emergents The individual trees, or clumps of trees, that stand prominently higher than the top of the continuous canopy of many lowland tropical rain forests.

What is the emergency managers role for media relations is to?

Ensure plans for this function are in place and up-to-date. Explanation: The E.M. may or may not be the assigned Public Information Officer (PIO) and therefore would not make all contacts with the media or serve as the primary spokesperson. True the E.M. may act as the person approving all releases, act as the PIO, make contacts and act as the primary spokesperson to media, the E.M. should first have a plan in place to determine how this process should work. Therefore the Emergency Manager's role for media relations is to first ensure plans for how this function should work.

What to do in an emergency?

Depending on the emergency you will either give advanced life support, evacuate the area, tend to people in need, shut off your gas supply to your house, stay away from power lines, get to higher ground. It all depends on what you are facing as a emergency to what action you will take. The American Red Cross has great classes to teach you and your family what to do in the event of a emergency both medical and natural.

Why is the word emerge in emergency?

Emergency means an unforeseen occurrence requiring immediate action. Emerge means to come into view or to become apparent. The word emergency has the word emerge embedded in it because it has its etymology in the word emerge - An emergency is something that quickly emerges, or becomes apparent, and needs acting on.

What is an example of media that is not mass media?

Examples of media that is not mass media can be seen everywhere: . Independent newspapers like ones on college campuses or in municipalities/counties. . Certain online content like user submitted videos. . Unsigned musicians is another example. While one medium (the newspaper) is dying in the independent media realm, another is booming (the Internet).

What media is not magnetic storage media?

Non-magnetic storage media include: CDs, DVDs, Laserdiscs, and Blu-Ray (optical) NAND, Flash, and SD devices (thumb drives, SD cards, and Solid State drives) RAM drives and SRAM (Static RAM) RFID and similar radio-cards (typically read-only) EEPROM and other reprogrammable data, such as Firmware (electronic) If we want to get oldschool, it can also include Punch Cards (optical)

What is a emerging disease?

The emerging infectious disease "EID" is an infectious diseasewhose incidence has increased in the past 35 years and couldincrease in the near future. An emerging infections account for atleast 12 percent of all human pathogens.

Media what is it?

Media is the plural for medium. It has quite a few definitions but the one that you may be referring to is: a means, or instrument by which something is conveyed. The common use of "the media" means the instruments by which most of us get our information, in other words, the news media. News media can mean television, newspapers, internet, radio, magazines, or books.

How did aids emerged?

Most of the scientific community believes that humans became infected with the HIV via contact with a species of primates (ex. chimpanzees, monkeys) that carry their own version of the HIV virus. The belief is that someone came into contact with the contaminated meat of an infected primate, or in some other way came into contact with the blood of an infected primate (ex. cut themselves while cutting primate meat), that may have been how the virus was introduced into the human population.

What is CO emergencies?

Since CO is carbon monoxide, the emergency would be CO gas is in the area (which is deadly).

What advantages do traditional media have over emerging media and vice versa?

Do your own schoolwork and stopping posting the questions for your on line classes to have other people do your work! Get a life and get real, loser! Yeah I hear what you are saying, just think for a minute tho. Looking up questions to find a variety of answers is a good thing. I do not mean to copy and paste answers, I mean look at the big picture and figure out your own answer. this is rude *** There are many people who like to get opinions and the first post is answer is unacceptable. This site is to get more knowledgeable and find out information and opinion's. I agree with the second post. It does not mean you are going to copy and paste it. It is just to find extra information and get other opinions on the situation that you might not know much about.*** Tonetta***

What is moral emergency?

A moral emergency is a complex situation that often involves an apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives, in which to obey one would result in transgressing another.

Who makes all contacts with the media in emergency management?

A comprehensive emergency management program or business continuity plan should include a sound crisis communications component. Accordingly, a spokesperson (and an alternate and his/her alternate) should be identified ... Also, you may want more than one spokesperson identified in your plans depending on the scope and nature of the emergency/incident/disruption. Also, in the Incident Management System (IMS) doctrine, the Public Information Officer coordinates all aspects of communications with audiences/public, including media relations. Where it gets interesting, is that in the era of social media, the IMS requirement that communications be approved by the incident manager/command could prove disastrous in that it could slow down the process of delivering emergency information to the public and stakeholders. With social media, the public expects immediate and accurate information. If you have to wait for approval from command for the most basic of messages, the you will fail ... the key ? have a crisis communications plan in place with pre-approved key messages BEFORE an incident occurs ... and a plan to make it all work. Hope this helps ...

How did the Aztec's emerge?

Political control of the populous agriculturally rich central valley of Mexico fell into confusion after 1100. Gradually assuming even greater power the Aztecs, probably a northern tribe that had migrated to the valley and occupied a minor town on the shore of the great central lake.

What is an emerge?

Emerge- to reveal or to come out of something else; to break away or seperate

Where did capitalism emerge?

Capitalism first emerged in Europe, but then was brought to America.. I hate you.. ( :) :D c: . Maddie Yates has Hepatitis.. Hi.

What is an emergency admission?

When one has a increase of heart rhythm over 100, with vomiting. Profuse bleeding from any part of the body; a serious blow to head, and poisioning, unconscienceness and extreme low blood sugar and blood pressure. gun wound are all cases to head to emergecy room

What is an emerging crisis?

Emerging crises, are types of crises such as employee dissatisfaction, low morale, or sexual harassment, that allow for more research and planning to address.

What is emergent confinement?

abnormal vital signs (breathing, pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure), threatening or violent behavior, and those who present with signs and symptoms of alcohol or illicit drug intoxication.

What is national emergency?

A stateof emergency is a governmental declaration that announcesthat the country is in a state of emergency . This means that the government cansuspend and/or change some functions of the executive, thelegislative and or the judiciary during this period of time. Italerts citizens to change their normal behaviour and ordersgovernment agencies to implement emergency plans.

What is an emergency loan?

An emergency loan is a short term loan (it needs to be paid back quickly) that you can apply for and is given to cover some sort of unforeseen (because if you could have foreseen it you should have planned your budget to meet it) disaster that has happened.

Should you say emerge from or emerge of?

You would used "EMERGE FROM". Here is the reason why. Look at these words and see which are right or wrong. I rose of the chair. I rose from the chair. Right Kayla had arrived of work. Kayla had arrived from work. Right The tulips emerged from the wet ground. Right The tulips emerged of the wet ground.

Why is choking an emergency?

Choking is a medical emergency. When a person is choking, air cannot reach the lungs. If the airways cannot be cleared, death follows rapidly.

What are emergency powers?

Extraordinary powers given to a government in extreme circumstances. Such powers allow them to bypasses normal rules, laws, and requirements of whatever regime they exist in. Such powers are usually used to maintain control in an area during an emergency.

What are rainforest emergents?

It is a top layer of the rainforest, Emergent, Canopy, understory, And forest floor. (also known as the tallest trees in the rainforest.)

What is emergency food?

Emergency food generally consists of canned foods, and water. Other possible items could be crackers, and other foods that can keep for a long time. Emergency food, as the name describes, is food that can be used during an emergency, such as a tornado, earthquake, hurricane, etc.

What are media?

They are methods of conveying information to a mass audience:radio, television, newspapers, books, movies, the internet... allof these are examples of media. (The singular is "medium." Radio isa mass medium. Radio and television are mass media.)

What advantages that emerging media have over traditional media?

Although traditional media has it's own advantages the appeal of current and emerging online media is taking the business world by storm. The early adopters of online marketing are cleaning up right now but online media channels such as blogging, mobile marketing and the biggest source of all, social media networking is allowing the smaller players in the market to command a bigger chunk of the market share. How is this possible? The advantages of emerging media over traditional media are listed below: . The customer reach for business owners is highly extended using online media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace...to mention a few. Facebook alone has 700 million users to date and growing all the time. . Most social media networking sites are free to use as apposed to traditional print media which costs a huge sum of money to list an ad in a publication . Social Media Marketing as a concept is growing and changing daily giving more opportunity to acquire customers. Disadvantage is that information overload and technical know-how may become a barrier to all adopting new media channels. . Mobile Marketing is taking the world by storm. 72% of smartphone owners are now searching for things on their phones. Developing your own Phone app(application) and giving it away to customers will bring massive amounts of visitors to you website. . Traditional print mediums such as Yellow pages are becoming extinct with more people now searching for your business online rather than contacting you through a classified ad in a newspaper. . Video Marketing has become the new way to share content. Just take a look at how often videos are being uploaded to Youtube. Answer: 24 Hours of content is being uploaded every minute via videos on Youtube. Video sharing sites make it possible to reach thousands if not millions of prospects with a single video. . Using Social Media Networking sites allows you as a business owner to open up more effective communication channels with both new and existing customers. Doing this helps you to build the "Know, Like, Trust" factor with clients that will ultimately lead to longevity of profits through repeat business. . New media gives you the opportunity to ad some personality to your business. A printed ad doesn't because of the restriction of ad size and costs involved. Their are many more but the main thing to take away from this is that New media/social media works.

What is a emergency contracepticon?

"Emergency contraception is a pill that a woman can take up to 72 hours after having unprotected sex, and it prevents her from becoming pregnant. It is also known as the morning after pill."

How does traditional media have an advantage over emerging media?

Well rieple's law says that new media won't replace the old ones but change them. so what happens to the newspaper right now for example is that they become more and more like magazines, providing background information and details because news get spread much faster today through the internet. the advantage they still have here is that they are more reliable and trustworthy for most of the people because unlike the internet not everybody can just tell own thoughts as facts. Also people who grew up using old media won't just change their habits and use new media. So they also give the younger generation, their children, the feeling that the old media is better and should be trusted more. I hope this answers your question :)

What is the most useful advantage of social media in emergency management?

Sometimes there comes a situation when anunexpected incident takes place. Suppose, in your city, due toheavy rainfall particular roads are jammed because of traffic, andyou want to help the people by informing about this, then using asocial media management tool, you can quickly post a single messageinto multiple social media accounts using a single dashboardwithout any hassle. Social media are the best way to reach morenumber of people instantly.