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Evil = bad (basement cat), incarnate = embodied therein (reincarnation, incarnation... incarnate............... u can haz logical connection?).
Evil incarnate is the physical embodiment of evil: a being (embodied or created) of pure evil. No can haz cheezburger.
Evil Incarnate is a person who is dedicated to an ideal or goal more than people to the point where this person is willin to sacrifice huge masses of them to further this ideal or goal. Serving god or your nation,or gaining of cash , the list is endless. There is also the brand of evil incarnate that causes harm for harm's sake. This is much rarer, or at least rarely seen, since such a person when found out is hounded by the law for a crime of some sort. I tried that once, but it didn't work out. Anyway, those are the two I can think of.
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Answer: The word comes from the Latin "carne" meaning "flesh". The Incarnation refers to the central Christian belief that the Second Person of the Trinity took flesh, of the

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Within the Hindu's faith, the cycle of incarnation still continues today. The Bible calls Jesus the one and only Son of God that came to  earth in the form of a human being.

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jesus was the incarnation of god. that is because god was there like way back and jesus on the other hand came at a much later stage. in other words he was gods "form" when he