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Evil = bad (basement cat), incarnate = embodied therein (reincarnation, incarnation... incarnate............... u can haz logical connection?).
Evil incarnate is the physical embodiment of evil: a being (embodied or created) of pure evil. No can haz cheezburger.
Evil Incarnate is a person who is dedicated to an ideal or goal more than people to the point where this person is willin to sacrifice huge masses of them to further this ideal or goal. Serving god or your nation,or gaining of cash , the list is endless. There is also the brand of evil incarnate that causes harm for harm's sake. This is much rarer, or at least rarely seen, since such a person when found out is hounded by the law for a crime of some sort. I tried that once, but it didn't work out. Anyway, those are the two I can think of.
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What is re incarnation?

  Answer   reincarnation is when a person dies and then someone is born at the same time, and when someone grows up, she/he is so much alike (on the outside or insid

What is Incarnation?

  Answer:   The word comes from the Latin "carne" which means "flesh". The Incarnation refers to the central Christian belief that the Second Person of the Trinity to

What is the Incarnation?

Answer: The word comes from the Latin "carne" meaning "flesh". The Incarnation refers to the central Christian belief that the Second Person of the Trinity took flesh, of the

What does incarnate mean?

in·car·nate adj. 1. 1. Invested with bodily nature and form: an incarnate spirit. 2. Embodied in human form; personified: a villain who is evil incarnate. 2. Incarn

What historical figures are considered evil incarnate?

  Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Al Capone, Caligula, Nero, John Wilkes Booth, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Benito Mussolini, Emperor Hirohito, Grigori Rasputin, Hermann

Incarnations of vishnu?

There are ten avatars of Vishnu (dashavatara) commonly considered as the most prominent #1 Matsya, the fish. #2 Kurma, the turtle. #3 Varaha, the boar. #4 Narasimha, the Man-L

Superman becomes an evil incarnation of himself when exposed to this?

  Red kryptonite, it has effects lasting , I believe 48 hours and never the same effect twice, food for thought, in (The menace of red-green Kryptonite) subtitled The Mad

What is incarnate?

it is when someone dies and then their spirt is born into another life.   No, that's not quite right. Literally, it means "embodied in flesh"; as in the spirit made flesh.

The mystery of the incarnation?

  reincarnation is where you come back to life as like a cat or squirrel or something, blah,blah, blah...I dont believe in reincarnation because the bible doesn't say anyt

What are naraku's incarnations?

Well they're his... incarnations. They are his flesh that help serve him. Kagura, an incarnation of Naruku, is only following his orders because he has her heart, however.
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What is incarnal?

Since 2009, Incarnal is death metal group formed by guitarist Krzysztof Kiecana and vocalist and lyrics writer Karol Łapczyński, founded in Puławy (Poland).