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Food safety sanitation is a set of practices and procedures that result in a clean working environment for food production that helps ensure the food will be safe for human consumption.
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What is food sanitation and safety?

Food sanitation and safety is a practice of keeping foods from cross-contamination, storing perishable food at the appropriate temperature (41 degrees), and heating food to a

Why are food sanitation and safety hygiene related to tourism?

Tourists are not going to enjoy their visit to any given tourist spot if they are served bad food that makes them sick. And if they do not enjoy their visit, they won't be com

What are the safety and sanitation in food laboratory?

Safety Procedures To prevent falls… 1. Wipe up all spills at once. 2. Close cabinet doors and drawers. To prevent cuts… 1. Keep sharp knives sharp. They are less likely to

What is the importance of food safety sanitation?

Food safety is essential in protecting individuals from bacteriaand parasites that can be passed through food consumption. Bypracticing safe food handling, illnesses and fatal

Why are food safety hygiene and sanitation important in preparing food?

food sanitation & safety is important in preparing food because when your hand are dirty and you will serve a food to a customer... you can pass the germs to a customer and it

Why is sanitation safety and hygiene essential in any food service operation?

Are you serious?  That is the first class chef's learn in culinary school: Safety and Sanitation. You don't graduate unless you pass that class! You don't have to have gone t
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Some Reasons Studying food safety and Sanitation?

To live longer, and to eat foods longer. Knowledge of food storage and safety can lead to a job in a restaurant.

What is the definition of food safety and sanitation?

Food Safety is what the name suggest. It is a set of practices to  follow (especially in a food industry/business) to prevent  foodborne illnesses and possible spread of vir

Why is sanitation safety and hygiene essential in any food service operatin?

its important to be sanitary when your cooking, or preparing food, so who ever's eating it doesn't get food poisoning. when you have food poisoning, you vomit, get cramps, and